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Solvvy is conversational AI for customer support

Deliver fast, effective resolutions, improve agent productivity, and uncover valuable insights that empower your support team.

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Explore Our End-to-End Support Automation Platform

Build custom no-code automations

Solvvy Workflows allow you to create customized solutions for more complex customer questions. Using our powerful Workflow Builder, you can quickly and easily build multi-step workflows to help your customers solve issues that would normally require the support of an agent, such as order tracking, troubleshooting, and subscription management.

Workflows don’t require any engineering resources to get started and can be built by anyone in just minutes, allowing your customers to easily resolve issues on their own while giving time back for your agents to focus on the issues that matter most.

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Support your customers at scale

Solvvy Answers empowers your customers to automatically resolve their issues before needing to create a ticket or case for your support team to handle. Our next-gen chatbot understands the intent behind customer questions, ensuring your customers receive an accurate answer, every time.

Leveraging your existing help center content and advanced AI and Natural Language Processing technology, Solvvy Answers pulls the exact snippet of information from your help articles to resolve your customers’ questions. Answers gets to work on its own, without uploading or rebuilding content, and provides peace of mind that your customers are receiving the best possible experience, 24-7.

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Guide customers to an effective resolution faster

Solvvy Journeys ensure your customers get the right support experience at the right time by intelligently routing them to the optimal support channel. Seamlessly hand-off to chat, web, social, or phone, and guarantee customers are always getting a consistently great experience no matter where they need help.

One size doesn’t always fit all, and Journeys provides unique experiences to your customers based on factors such as persona, issue category, or user tier, expediting agent support for the highest priority tickets.

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Spot problems a mile away

Solvvy Insights give you a bird’s eye view of your support operations to help you make informed decisions using built-in performance reports. Insights also enables you with a powerful analytics dashboard to level up your support and identify new areas of opportunity.

Identify help center content gaps and high-performing articles to equip your team with actionable analytics that can improve your customer experience over time. Categorize tickets to gain deep understanding of what types of issues your customers are struggling with. Discover what’s working (and what isn’t) in your business and resolve issues before tickets are created.

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Omnichannel support that integrates in a snap

Solvvy has out of the box integrations with all your existing systems, from major CRMs and chat vendors to contact center solutions and social messaging apps.

Customer support teams are big fans of Solvvy

We’re by your side every step of the way, helping you deliver smart support.

Solvvy is highly reviewed by our users! With over 180 reviews on G2 Crowd, Solvvy has been named a Leader and High Performer for Customer Self-Service and Chatbots, a reflection of our goal to create the best experiences for our customers and their users.

Changed customer service for us

“The best thing from Solvvy has been the ongoing support and trying to optimize the total experience. Some vendors are glad to take your money and never reach out. Solvvy on the other hand is consistently trying to find ways that we can improve our customer service and ways we can be more efficient.” 

– Alan W.

Save money, save time, and give your customers a beautiful self-serve experience!

“The PEOPLE at Solvvy are incredible; we’ve been able to build relationships across the entire company and every single individual has your organization’s best interests at heart. The product is intuitive and it’s very easy to make a massive impact on your most significant business KPIs by implementing Solvvy”

– Kaitie E.

Solvvy is a game changer!

“Solvvy has enabled tremendous progress in helping customers get the information they need quickly and accurately – their search functionality is unmatched! In addition, the Solvvy team is reactive and helpful, ensuring that we have the best experience possible.”

– Ashley C.

Why Solvvy?

Deliver artificial intelligence powered customer service and support with our next-gen chatbot platform

  • Intelligent

  • Personalization
    at Scale

  • Impactful

  • On-Brand

  • Higher CSAT
    & ROI

Intelligent Automation: Human + AI

Real Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding


Most chatbots require you to spend weeks or months of your time “training” – that is, adding hardcoded answers for every possible customer question. Solvvy starts with experience backed by millions of successful monthly resolutions, then automatically crawls your content to provide immediate solutions for customer questions. With a library of over 120 pre-built intents for the most common support issues, your team won’t have to struggle with building out every possible way a user might ask a question.

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Personalization at Scale

Delight Your Customers with Personalized Customer Experiences


Solvvy helps you leave a lasting impression on customers by seamlessly delivering the ideal solutions and support channels for every situation. Deliver personalized answers to questions directly through Solvvy with our easy-to-use API integrations, and for issues that require more of a human touch, Solvvy provides customer journeys that intelligently route your users to agents based on the urgency of the issue, customer type, and more. Solvvy Workflows allow your team to easily automate solutions to multi-step customer issues that would normally require an agent, saving time for your team and allowing your customers to solve issues instantly.

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Impactful Analytics

Actionable Insights That Level-Up Your Entire Customer Experience


Solvvy analytics are designed to give you a 360-degree view of your customers and support operations so you can optimize your customer experience beyond adding automation to your help center. With an analytics dashboard that goes beyond basic reporting, your team is enabled to improve your customer experience in many areas. Review high-performing articles to determine what help center content is most effective, and determine where content needs to be updated to improve self-service rates.

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On-Brand Conversations

A Conversational Chatbot for Brilliant Customer Experiences


Your customers don’t want to struggle to get the answers they need and resolve their issues in a generic chatbot interface. Solvvy’s configurable, customer-centric design ensures your customers find the answers they need easily and your brand looks great in the process. Solvvy’s user interface is designed to fit your brand, ensuring users know they’re interacting directly with the brands they care about most. With Solvvy’s Interface Setup at your disposal, you’ll have the power to easily edit greetings, text and button colors, and more, so it’ll never look like a separate tool on your website.

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Impactful Analytics

Start Delivering Better Customer Experiences Right Away


Solvvy is quick and easy to implement without having to hire a team of expensive chatbot experts and engineers. Unlike other chatbots, our clients spend just 20 minutes per week on average managing Solvvy, giving them more time to focus on improving customer experiences and resolving challenging issues. Many chatbots require you to rebuild hundreds or even thousands of user questions and answers into their system. Solvvy automatically crawls your existing help center or any other content you have, and provides an average self-service rate of 41% in just 7 days.

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