The Digital Teammate for Support Leaders

Solvvy delivers the modern, effortless help experience consumers want, with satisfying resolutions, improved agent productivity, and valuable insights that empower support leaders.

Today’s customers come at you from every angle 24/7. They’re on every channel, and they want answers and help now. Like now, now. But your customer support team can’t be everywhere, solving every issue. You want to help customers find answers fast and walk away with a smile. You want your team engaged when real expertise is the only way to get the job done. You need a digital teammate to make your support team’s job easier, not harder.

That’s why we created Solvvy – the modern customer experience consumers demand. It supports your customers so seamlessly they won’t miss a human agent, but it’s ready to find one if someone needs it. With Solvvy, your customers leave with the answers they need and a positive, lasting impression of your brand.

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