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Solvvy delivers personalized customer experiences through our effortless next-gen chatbot and support automation platform

Powered by advanced AI and Natural Language Processing, Solvvy delivers fast, accurate self-service and personalized customer workflows to over 550 Million users of the world’s top brands including HelloFresh, Vimeo, Under Armour, Twilio, Calm, GoFundMe, Stash, and Ring. Our clients enjoy self-service rates of 70%+ along with higher customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiencies. 

Solvvy was founded in 2015 by Carnegie-Mellon Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence, Justin Betteridge, who decided to leverage his leading research in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to help businesses provide intelligent, high-quality, 24-7 self-service to customers.  Fast forward to today and the Solvvy platform is now a leading next-gen chatbot, helping top businesses deliver fully-automated, personalized answers and workflows, intelligent channel routing, and best-in-class analytics.

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