Close the Loop on Customer Feedback with Solvvy Surveys


Just because your brand finishes interacting with a customer, doesn’t mean their experience has ended. Understanding this distinction is the key to driving customer loyalty and recurring revenue. Ultimately, collecting customer feedback is the best way to truly gauge the customer experience.

Of course, accurately measuring customer satisfaction is never straightforward and needs to be adapted depending on a company’s business needs. And measuring customer satisfaction is the tip of the iceberg. It’s imperative for businesses to continue to improve their customer experience based on what they’re hearing. Remember, feedback is a loop, not a dead end.

Enter Solvvy Surveys. 

Close the Loop on Customer Feedback with Solvvy Surveys

Solvvy Surveys give you all the tools you need to collect and measure CSAT scores, analyze the customer experience with in-depth analytics on each interaction, and embed new rescue programs within the interaction flow itself to ensure that experience ends with a satisfied response.

Build Engaging and Personalized Surveys with Ease

  • Proven CSAT survey methodologies – Choose between a binary (Easy/Hard) or star (5 star) survey to fit your needs. Add a comment box to reconcile scores with qualitative feedback. 
  • Seamless setup – Flatten the learning curve. Surveys are built on top of Solvvy’s Workflow engine so you can use the survey template to customize text and follow-up steps. 
  • Zero interruption for a better response rate – The survey is built into your existing Solvvy flow—no additional links or screens. A clean UI makes it easy for your customers to respond and increases the likelihood  they’ll do just that.

Best In-Class Analytics to Make it Easy to See Your Results 

  • Download the reports locally or share via email– Share insights widely with the greater team by sending PDF reports via email. Combine Solvvy insights data (via a CSV file) with other survey tools you may already be using.
  • Identify areas for improvement  – The report includes CSAT score summary, number of responses, response rate, CSAT by workflow name and answers, free-form comments with related responses, and CSAT over time.  
  • Unlock potential with data – The possibilities of survey data are endless. Compare the performance of different workflows, and measure how well rescue programs are performing over time.

Evolve Your Experience

Put all those insights into action. Did your customer enjoy their interaction? Great! Acknowledge and thank them by deploying custom responses in your brand’s tone of voice. On the flip side, if a customer says they had a bad experience, you can configure Solvvy to start a rescue program—offer a discount or VIP support to make things right and prevent a negative CSAT score. Refer back to your reports to see how this impacts the score/experience over time. Rinse and repeat.

Get Started With Solvvy Surveys

This feature is available at no additional cost for our new Conversational Interface. Customers must also have Solvvy Workflows available in their instance in order to take advantage of Surveys. 

If you’re an existing Solvvy customer, please reach out to your Solvvy CSM to get setup and started with Surveys. If you’re interested in learning more about Surveys and other ways Solvvy’s conversational AI platform can benefit your Support team, please schedule a few minutes to connect with our team.