Solvvy Launches Child Language Understanding and Management Solution for Youth


Solvvy, the Next-Gen Chatbot and Support Automation Platform, today announced that it has added new capabilities to help parents better interpret and manage requests from their own children. While Solvvy typically partners with businesses in retail, ecommerce, fin-tech, and other industries to support millions of customers and shoppers each month, the Solvvy team felt a social responsibility to use their powerful technology to help out this new audience. 

“We are thrilled to help out all of the hard-working moms and dads out there who are juggling jobs and remote learning for their kids,” said S. Amy Street, Solvvy’s Head of Child Experience (CX). “If Solvvy can provide a brilliant customer experience for top brands, we feel at least somewhat confident that we can provide parents with a small break from their kids. You all deserve it – that’s for sure.”


Industry research supports Solvvy’s new product direction – a recent study of humans with young children concluded that 99.99% receive complex and confusing support requests from their little ones on a daily basis. A deeper semantic analysis (run by Solvvy’s Business Intelligence team) revealed that the majority of child queries could be categorized into a few categories including “complete gibberish,” “poorly articulated, but nice try,” “misguided tantrum,” and “really?!”.

Solvvy was able to leverage its industry-best Natural Language Processing and Intent library to effectively understand what children were saying or asking*, then guide them to an automated answer that effectively managed the situation without involving any adults.  “Solvvy’s been a real life-saver for me,” said Michelle Duggar, mother of 19. “Intelligent chatbots and workflows are helping me be the best parent I can be.” 


*Note: Common Core math questions are not currently supported

Solvvy wishes parents and children (and everyone else) a very happy April Fool’s Day!!!

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