Delivering Happiness with AI-Powered Customer Support


AI technology can help deliver customer happiness

We live in a new era of expectations. Customers want accuracy, speed, and convenience when they’ve got an issue that needs to be resolved.

That makes great CX essential, and we all know it when we experience it. We want fast accurate support and resolutions—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—across every channel. 

In fact, research shows that when brands provide customers with accurate answers and resolutions in real-time, customers are 30% more likely to make a purchase with the brand. 

How are brands stepping up and meeting these higher customer expectations?

We spoke with Mahesh Ram, the founding CEO of Solvvy and Head of Digital Customer Experience at Zoom, to talk about how AI-powered tools are helping create the kinds of customer experiences that drive business growth through a seemingly simple concept—happiness.

>>Watch the replay of the webinar here.<<

Top 3 takeaways

1. Retain and delight customers over time

Here’s what brands should be doing to thrive in this new era of customer expectations:

  • Consistently deliver on-brand experiences 
  • Produce effective and accurate outcomes
  • Provide secure and mutually beneficial personalization

What tends to surprise support leaders and executives—high-quality customer coverage that’s “always-on” is cost-effective and doesn’t require expensive development resources.

2. AI works with humans to create the ideal experience 

Quickly answering customer questions with accuracy and understanding can directly impact a business’s profit-earning potential, and streamlined support has benefits far beyond CX.  And this speed is required for both the AI components as well as the experience with human agents.

AI and machine learning can be trained to help teams deliver immediate results by guiding users down the correct path to reach their desired outcomes with greater accuracy and speed. 

Through abilities like distinguishing and understanding human language utterances with a high degree of accuracy, AI can help make quick decisions and keep the customer journey frictionless. 

Technology can assess what will best serve a user, whether that means being sent directly to a human agent because they’re presenting an issue that cannot be self-served or helping them self-serve with knowledge or a guided experience. 

Today’s consumers are unwilling to search entire help center pages for their resolutions. Brands must bring the answers directly to their customers and, in doing so, make it easier for these buyers to keep sticking around.

Leaders, when you look at your own team’s stance on support, is the speed of delivering customer solutions a metric you’ve been prioritizing and measuring?

3. Solvvy’s AI-powered support produces happiness

Solvvy’s AI-powered customer support solution improves the customer experience while increasing support teams’ productivity. How?

  • Solvvy’s true AI technology enhances live agent support: it brings humans and technology together to create the ideal customer experience
  • It’s easy to build, deploy, and scale—Solvvy doesn’t require engineering teams to set up and delivers results from the first minute it’s live.
  • Solvvy’s Analytics give support leaders powerful insights into everything from how their team is performing to issues with the product.

But don’t take our word for it.

The online ticketing company SeatGeek boosted their self-service rate to 60% with Solvvy. Their self-service rate for one canceled event Workflow (which was key during the pandemic), is 84% on average! 

To put it simply, we’re in the business of delivering happiness. 

>>Watch the replay of the webinar here.<<