Don’t take our word for it: What our customers say and G2’s take on the self-service technology landscape


As we approach the beginning of a new decade (how did that happen so fast?), it’s an opportune time to reflect back on all the good things that happened to us in 2019. And a recent accomplishment stands out in what’s already been a fantastic year for Solvvy. Last quarter, Solvvy was named a Momentum Leader for Customer Self-Service by G2, and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve now been recognized as a leader a second time in a row! While we don’t like to brag (“be humble” is one of our mantras), we are proud of our progress in these reports, particularly our upwards movement in the grid.

We know why we’re there: The G2 Momentum Grid is designed to highlight high growth businesses based on customer satisfaction scores, employee growth, and web presence. Solvvy’s placement in the Winter report is due to the evolution of our products, creative marketing campaigns, and of course, the many positive customer reviews we’ve received throughout the year.

To give you a better idea of what our customers have to say, here’s a short recap of some of our recent reviews:

      • Beth R., a Senior Support Specialist, explains, “With Solvvy, our Customer Support team has seen significant improvement in our self-service rate – and a satisfying decrease of our ticket volume.”
      • Alix Q., a Customer Care Team lead, says, “I love the clarity of the tool and how much clearer the contact flow is with Solvvy. I would definitely recommend it for a business!”
      • Lauren H., VP, Head of Communications, reports “Solvvy really cuts down on the number of tickets that have to flow through our agents. It not only helps with time, but with money.”

The Solvvy team believes the flexibility of our solution, along with our world-class Customer Success team, have propelled us into the leader position. Our customers love the personalized 1:1 support along with expert advice on best practices they get from their dedicated Customer Success Manager. “Being recognized as a leader in customer self-service not once, but twice in a row, is an honor,” said Mahesh Ram, CEO of Solvvy. “It proves the work we put in is really making an impact for our customers.” 

Every year, businesses are losing over $75 billion dollars in potential revenue due to poor customer support. By creating experiences that matter to customers, Solvvy is saving these businesses valuable time and resources while also ensuring customers leave satisfied, or stay loyal by offering an effortless customer experience and immediately answering their questions without making them wait. Traditional solutions, such as chatbots, are limited in functionality and oftentimes lead to customer frustration. Rather than a platform based on strict rules, Solvvy uses natural language processing to understand the intent of end-users, ensuring they receive the most accurate solution, no matter the type of question that’s asked. By improving end-user support, businesses will be able to retain and satisfy customers, while giving back agent time to focus on the issues that matter most.

Receiving this recognition both from G2, as well as from our customers, is once again a motivating factor for us to continue to innovate. By consistently improving our platform offering, ensuring our customer voices are heard, and improving support experiences for end-users, we hope to maintain our position as a leader into the future. Looking toward 2020, expect to see even more seamless customer experiences and new ways to interact with your customers to keep them engaged. 

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