How to Deliver a Personalized, Automated Customer Experience


Personalization and automation seem to be diametrically opposed. Consumers expect a personalized experience, but they also expect immediacy and accurate responses that can only be achieved with automation. Catering your customer support to your individual customers can be accomplished easily with a smart, chatbot platform like Solvvy. Solvvy uses persona-based routing to use the information you already know about a customer or prospect to serve them solutions and content personalized specifically to them. Businesses are leveraging this now to maximize their customer support experience.

Differentiate Support Needs Based on User Group

Your business’ platform may exist for many user groups with significantly different problems. When rideshare drivers seek help, the problems they need solved are vastly different from those experienced by riders. The manner in which marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Mercari address issues like payments and shipping problems require solutions that differ significantly between buyers and sellers. While these solutions often exist within an organized knowledge base, delivering rapid, accurate answers to problems can’t happen without engaging some type of automation. Chatbots offer a clear automation solution, however, traditional chatbots usually don’t allow for personalization due to reliance on established processes. Solvvy Workflows and persona-based routing bridges the gap and allows for customizable, personalized solutions to be delivered to users based on their defined group.  

When it comes to automated, personalized support, reading subscription service Scribd knocks it out of the park. Scribd’s platform offers access to the best ebooks, audiobooks, magazine articles, documents, and more for over a million people around the world. With a wide-ranging user base and highly technical questions needing answers, Scribd utilizes powerful Workflows. While delivering 24/7 support for customer’s common questions, Workflows fully automate the more complex requests that users may experience, such as payment and subscription changes which would normally require a full-time agent to help manage.

Premium Service for Premium Customers

Automation and personalization also serve an important role in retention, sales enablement, and upsell opportunities. High-value customers should receive preferential treatment to maintain customer retention. Solvvy’s chatbot can be set up to require authentication from users seeking support help. Armed with this information, Solvvy’s Workflow API pulls customer information from your backend to then personalize support answers or steps. Based on parameters set by you, Solvvy’s chatbot can escalate the support needs of VIP customers to live agents or direct them into specialized processes that you define. This intelligence also gives the opportunity for companies to upsell advanced support packages and seamlessly integrate them into existing support platforms. 

Tiered support packages have become a revenue-generating and commonplace practice for many SaaS and B2B companies. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Apple all offer premium support plans which designate applicable support actions. IBM Cloud offers Basic, Advanced,  and Premium support packages for their users. Each tier grants greater access to support agents, contact channels, response time, and more. Solvvy’s complete chatbot and automation platform offer ease of implementation for tiered support and guide users based on their defined level in their account. For basic support levels, this may mean Solvvy provides a support article in response to a question, then routes users to a ticketing system, if needed. For advanced or premium levels, Solvvy Journeys can gather detail from customers seeking support and provide context to support agents either via chat, phone, or other channels. Solvvy’s automation allows for the flexibility to design customer service processes based on customer value or package. 

Address Support Needs Based on Customer Status

Research from PwC determined that 32% of all customers would stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience. Customer support experience is particularly crucial for businesses with customers in trials, freemium apps and software, and more. With limited support resources, balancing what customers receive the most personalized attention can be impossible without automation. Solvvy allows for companies to facilitate self-service and exceptional customer experiences regardless of their status as a customer, but also trigger support agent contact for customers within trial periods or high-value customers. With automation and personalization possible with Solvvy, you are able to ensure quality support without sacrificing the experience of all customers or the time of your support staff. 

Lose It! is a freemium app employed by millions to track meals and lose weight. As a freemium service with a blossoming customer base and rapid-fire updates, Lose It! struggled to address the complex problems because of a large volume of simple, redundant support tickets. Additionally, support inquiries from non-paying customers were often placed behind paying subscribers in the support queue due to limited resources and prioritization. By engaging Solvvy, Lose It! was able to improve their self-service rate from 40% to 60% and offer a world-class experience to every customer (both free and paid). With instant resolutions rising and customer experience improving, Lose It! has been able to drive conversion to their premium model and fuel growth.

Interested in how the persona-based routing in Solvvy’s next-gen chatbot can revolutionize and personalize your automated customer support? Check it out!

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