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The most overused cliche in business over the last 20 years has been “The internet changed everything.” As tired as it is, however, this saying holds true in the case of retail brands. 

According to Statista, eCommerce accounted for 16.1% of all retail sales in the U.S. in Q2 2020 (up from 10.8% in 2019). Consumers increasingly turn to the internet for product information and to make purchases. The importance of eCommerce experiences have never been greater than in the age of social distancing. Chatbots and automated support are crucial to ensuring exceptional customer experiences. Solvvy’s complete chatbot creates opportunities for eCommerce companies to serve their customer’s needs. How do chatbots benefit internet retailers?

Addressing Customer Needs Instantaneously 

The most straight-forward benefit to utilizing an intelligent chatbot on your eCommerce site is to improve the quality and hours of customer support you’re able to provide. eCommerce customers are able to shop your site 24/7/365. Your ability to answer their questions should adhere to the same schedule. This is rarely feasible with live agents and can be incredibly expensive to operate. Company growth goes hand-in-hand with increased customer support needs. Chatbots address customer questions rapidly and effectively, and leave dedicated agents with the freedom to spend their time on complex issues or revenue generating processes.

Solvvy’s complete customer support chatbot and automation platform is a user-friendly way for customers to get fast, specific answers without needing to engage one of your agents. Users solve their own problems without sending you an email or needing to navigate away from the products they are viewing. By utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, Solvvy handles complex questions from clients – regardless of phrasing, spelling, and other challenges – and provides fast, accurate responses.

Leading mobile-ticketing platform, Seatgeek, realized the benefits of Solvvy’s chatbot technology after a rapid spike in users and, thus, customer support needs. While ticketing issues can be complex, Solvvy’s next-gen chatbot facilitated a 35% self-service rate and addressed 70,000 annual customer inquiries. In doing so, Seatgeek saved $560,000 while keeping customers happy and returning to the platform.

Scale Rapidly Without Hiring 

When your business catches fire and growth happens rapidly, customer support challenges can  take center-stage. Hiring is time-consuming, and getting new employees up-to-speed on necessary institutional knowledge is a major obstacle to ensuring exceptional customer experiences in eCommerce. When spikes in business activity occur, support needs often rise proportionately. 

Chatbots facilitate self-service and offer the ability to address customer concerns quickly and accurately. Utilizing customer support automation platforms, like Solvvy, keeps customer service agents from being bogged down with mundane problems, eases the burden of reactive hiring, and ensures consistent support interactions for all customers.

Personalized, healthy grocery service, Hungryroot, saw firsthand how Solvvy’s complete chatbot could keep customers happy while minimizing the need for additional support agents during a period of rapid growth. In addition to a booming business, the perishable nature of Hungryroot’s products meant that support needs were often time-sensitive. Solvvy’s conversational chatbot provided more personal experience than alternatives and promoted self-service from Hungryroot’s customers. In doing so, Hungryroot saw a 20% decrease in ticket volume and 30% reduction in first-response time. At the same time, the customer support team was freed up to spend additional time cultivating relationships with customers to strengthen their community and promote greater retention.


Personalizing Customer Journeys 

A 2017 study from Accenture found that 43% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that personalizes their experience. That study also found that 31% of these consumers would find great value in services that intuitively learn about their needs over time to customize product recommendations. Personalizing user experience can take on many forms, whether catering products to a customer based on personas or triggering transactional processes based on specific users, conversational chatbots, like Solvvy, provide a personalized shopping and support experience for consumers without direct human conversation. In fact, AI chatbots have proven 4 times more effective at selling products than inexperienced employees. 

Personalization is made simpler and more powerful with Solvvy’s complete chatbot & automation platform. Without engineers or coding, you can build out custom workflows to ensure customers experience personalized journeys based on the questions they ask and issues they raise. Better yet, Solvvy takes your personalized workflows a step further with Natural Language Processing and AI to trigger responses based on users intent. Custom workflows also allow for users to receive priority attention from live agents when needed based on persona factors that you select. Whether dealing with a live support agent or not, Solvvy’s automation platform guarantees that your customers have a brilliant, personalized experience on your site. 


Providing Customer Analytics 

You use analytics across your business to inform the way you operate. Customer support analytics provide a holistic view of your customer experience. A feature like Solvvy Insights provides statistics like self-service percentage, number of instant resolutions, and support cost savings. More critically, Insights also highlights holes in your knowledge base, illuminates new opportunities to help meet the needs of your customers, and identifies what queries are leading to tickets most often. Accessing conversations quickly and analyzing exactly what customers are seeking provides context for new pieces of content and informs greater opportunities to customize workflow solutions for those customers. 

The crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, for instance, built a powerful knowledge base due to the exceptional insights they obtained from Solvvy. With such a vast array of products being funded through Kickstarter, they faced multiple unique challenges that were readily addressed by the next-gen customer support chatbot. Many complex, nuanced questions ended up heaped on support agents due to the nature of prospective products and services funded through their platform. Solvvy’s technology helped the team streamline their knowledge base documentation by identifying commonly asked questions and the corresponding gaps. With Solvvy taking on some of the workload, the customer support team has had the insights from data and the bandwidth from time freed up, to add or update over 90 help articles to their knowledge base.

Companies around the world like Ipsy, Brooklinen, Casper, and Under Armour have improved their customer experience in eCommerce, eased their support burden, and gained crucial insight by implementing Solvvy’s complete chatbot and automation platform.

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