Introducing Solvvy Assist: Instant Resolutions for Subscription E-Commerce Companies


An intelligent platform that instantly resolves your customers’ most common subscription order issues through automation and guided resolutions

Creating effortless customer experiences ensures strong loyalty and high retention, and Solvvy makes this possible with our newest product. Today we’re launching Solvvy Assist, an intelligent automation solution that instantly resolves your customers’ most common questions and issues. With Assist, your customer will be guided step-by-step to take care of issues related to their subscriptions without relying on an agent. Whether it’s an order that needs to be updated or a subscription that needs to be modified, customers can navigate through a guided, conversational interface powered by artificial intelligence. Customers can immediately resolve their issues and happily get on with their day.

Understanding customer intent

In order to transform the way you interact with your customers, you must first understand the intent behind your customers’ questions. Our proprietary Intent Engine uses natural language processing to understand context behind user questions instead of relying on keywords. So, what does that mean? Our Assist technology can intelligently identify opportunities for automation. To resolve subscription or online order queries, Assist will take the lead, walking customers through steps to cancel your monthly meditation app subscription or change the color or size of your newest sweater you just ordered online.

When answers aren’t enough

When customers contact customer support, providing them with an answer doesn’t always resolve the underlying issue. And pointing a customer to a knowledge base article leaves out an integral piece: the transaction itself. This leaves customers to their own devices to read through the instructions to figure out the next steps, rather than guiding them through to full resolution.

“Customers receive a truly personalized experience”

When a customer asks to modify a subscription, we could provide them with a list of steps on how to make that change. However, a better way to resolve their issue is to guide them through the steps to modify the subscription through a personalized interaction that shows you know them, offering services or products tailored just for them.

Automation that effortlessly guides your customers

Support automation should be quick and painless so that customers don’t feel roadblocked. When your customers have a bad experience or can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re going to be less satisfied and less likely to come back. The Solvvy platform effortlessly guides customers through common obstacles with straightforward, step-by-step guidance to ensure all issues are resolved without any hiccups.

With Assist’s intuitive interface, we ensure that customers will be able to quickly and easily take care of business. Building this confidence is key to showing customers that you want them to succeed, and in doing so, you’ll succeed too.

Tangible time savings for your customers

When we talk about personalized experiences, it isn’t just about getting to an answer as quickly as possible. We’re also ensuring that interactions are meaningful and specific so that long-term customer loyalty can be achieved. Assist allows organizations to build stronger relationships and interact with customers on a more personal basis.

For example, your customer may submit a query that they need to edit their subscription. After Assist identifies that the customer is trying to update their subscription, multiple options for the customer will appear to either pause, extend, or cancel. Once “Cancel” is selected, a confirmation is automatically sent. With just a few clicks, we’re able to easily update information.

Assist is a powerful addition to the customer experience because it guides customers through the process. Rather than only giving customers the steps to resolution, it will walk through the steps with them. By enhancing these experiences, Assist raises customer satisfaction while reducing churn. It’s a win-win.

No training required

Many self-service engines require data to train the algorithm to ensure accuracy. But with Assist, there’s no training required as we leverage our proprietary industry data — once implemented, it’ll only get smarter. Assist will intelligently recognize questions being asked, and begin working immediately to guide customers through their issues, 24/7. Powerful integrations make this a possibility, as Solvvy integrates with your backend systems through APIs to deliver robust automation for complicated workflows.

The future of self-service is here

Customer support agents are working as fast as they can, but are still inundated with a flood of tickets from customers who expect immediate results. But with Assist, commonly asked and troublesome transactional requests are no longer an issue. Need that subscription paused, cancelled, or extended? Need to edit, view, or track orders? No problem. Assist leverages the power of AI to guide customers through simple automated steps to quickly resolve complex issues. This increases agent productivity by reducing the number of repetitive questions that need to be answered, allowing agents to focus on tickets that require a human touch. And the best part? Assist is smart, simple, and easy to implement.

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