Introducing Solvvy for E-Commerce: Guiding Customers Through Orders and Beyond


Solvvy for E-Commerce puts the power in shoppers’ hands to find answers quickly and easily.

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most common issues that e-commerce businesses face today, and ensuring customers receive a flawless experience can be difficult when over $4.6 trillion worth of merchandise is abandoned each year. With Solvvy, retailers can keep customers happy by answering their questions quickly and efficiently so they get the help they need right when they need it. Today, we’re launching Solvvy for E-Commerce, the total package designed to automate and quickly resolve the most common customer issues experienced while shopping. This solution puts the power in your customers’ hands to instantly resolve common issues around order and delivery processes, product information, exchanges, and more.

Empower Shoppers with Intelligent Self-Service

Worry no more about unhappy customers struggling to find information while shopping or navigating through your digital store – with Solvvy for E-Commerce, your customers can self-serve to rapidly resolve issues without ever emailing or calling a support agent. Our solution is able to automatically guide customers throughout their digital shopping experience, fast-tracking issues as common as password resets or as complex as retrieving shipping information. When global e-commerce conversion rates are just shy of 3%, it’s important that your customers get answers to their questions quickly and have the details they need on their first visit.

Scale Profitably

With Solvvy, customers can receive rapid answers to repetitive questions, allowing them to shop with confidence. When self-service isn’t sufficient enough to resolve these issues, Solvvy elegantly routes shoppers to the optimal channel and tier of support, based on customer profile, business hours, or even issue type. Giving customers the appropriate level of support for their issues not only ensures that agent time is used efficiently, it also makes for a much better customer experience, improving trust and loyalty with your brand.

By automating common requests, support agents are also given back time to focus on tickets that require a human touch, especially during peak times and busy seasons, reducing delays, customer frustration, and the need for seasonal hiring.

Support Anytime, Anywhere

Solvvy for E-Commerce allows businesses to intercept customer questions, no matter where they are on your site or what stage of purchasing they’re at. Whether browsing or checking out, customers will enjoy an impeccable experience throughout their shopping journey. And when live agents aren’t available to provide support, Solvvy will still be active 24/7 so customers can resolve their issues around the clock.

Solvvy ensures shoppers get the immediate help they need, via any device, at any time, and with a seamless connection to human agents when required. When customers are unable to find the answers to questions quickly, they will often abandon a purchase, and will even switch to a competitor after just a single bad service experience. Giving shoppers multiple ways to contact support and self-serve builds confidence and improves their overall experience.

Work Smarter with Insights

Allowing shoppers to self-serve is powerful on its own, but customer insights can further amplify the support your business is able to provide. Solvvy provides analysis around optimizing knowledge bases and closing support gaps. And through this analysis, businesses can make informed decisions about how to best improve support experiences. By seeing breakdowns of tickets, businesses can determine which issues are most impacting the support team and take actionable steps to reduce the number of tickets received.

Enhance Your Buyer Journeys

Solvvy for E-Commerce is the all-in-one solution designed to solve the biggest problems in e-commerce. Give your customers the peace of mind to not have to contact an agent to solve problems they should be able to solve themselves. Give back agent time to address bigger issues that truly merit support. Eliminate wait times by providing support when it matters most.

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