Introducing the Solvvy Self-Service Dashboard



The Solvvy dashboard lets you measure, track and manage your key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. The self-service rate and user gains metrics are presented in the form of graphics and charts to give you total visibility into your KPIs.

Why the Solvvy Dashboard?

The Solvvy Dashboard offers a visual representation of key performance measures. It’s a great tool for support leaders to gain complete transparency into self-service metrics. This, in turn, enables you to:

  • Measure self-service performance against goals: Gauge overall self-service rates and improvements in customer experience. Benchmark against industry standards.
  • Plan and execute your customer support strategy: Track key metrics. Make adjustments and take corrective measures based on deviations.
  • Staff more efficiently with more visibility: Staff more efficiently based on how much ticket volume is resolved by self-service and how much is passed on to the agent queue.
  • Save time with easy access to key metrics: Quickly generate detailed reports and analyze key trends.

As a result, organizations can step up their customer service experience in a big way.

Dashboard Features

With the new Solvvy Dashboard, customers are able to view their self-service metrics at a glance!

The dashboard is divided into two sections: Self-Service Rate and User Gains. Customer support leaders can easily navigate between daily, weekly and monthly metrics.

Self-Service Rate is a great indicator of instant resolutions that a company achieves as a result of deploying the Solvvy solution. Self-service rate measures the ratio of instant resolutions to the total submissions, in any given period of time.

User Gains, as the name suggests, are the gains that Solvvy brings to users, collectively. With the Solvvy resolution time of one minute, in most cases, the aggregate time saved by customers runs into years, showcasing the tremendous benefits that Solvvy brings to the table.

So, get ready to instantly resolve tickets, enhance productivity and improve your return on investment with Solvvy’s self-service solution that gets smarter and better with every single customer interaction!