Looking Forward: The Future of Customer Support


After co-founders, Mehdi Samadi and Justin Betteridge, graduated with PhDs in artificial intelligence at Carnegie Mellon University, they made the move to sunny California to apply their research and start Solvvy. They knew they were onto something big when they won $15,000 in investments during their school venture competition in 2014. They joined forces with our CEO, Mahesh Ram, to formally launch the company and the rest is history.

Fast forward to today, and here we are: powering conversations for over 250+ million users worldwide and being highlighted in Aragon Research’s recently released report, Hot Vendors in Conversational AI, 2018. Our progress has led us to the point of reaching a 25% self-service rate, meaning 1 out of every 4 people who contact customer support through us never need to talk to an agent. That’s why our customers include brands such as Under Armour, Soundcloud, and Weebly.

We’re proud to be called a “hot vendor,” and have our customers to thank for trusting us to represent them where it matters most – to their customers. We were excited to have such a large pool of customer champions willing to act as references as the research firm was evaluating and selecting for the best in Conversational AI. Being at the forefront of technology that stands to “define the customer or user experience” is an accomplishment that we would never have been able to achieve without our early customers taking a leap of faith when we were just getting started.

That’s a wrap for us and our customers! Back to the Aragon report, it’s a good read for anyone in the field of customer service AI. Some of the topics featured in the report are:

  • The development of AI in customer service
  • The 4 trends leading to the swift adoption of Conversational AI
  • Which vendors are at the cutting-edge of Conversational AI

As stated by Aragon, “The sooner an enterprise begins to use Conversational AI, the sooner it can improve the customer experience and collect real data from actual users. That data alone should be far more valuable than any savings from waiting.”

Read the full report here.

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