No Coding Required: Automate Your Customer Service


Customer service is paramount to the success of any business. According to research from American Express, the majority of Americans have decided to not go through with a purchase because of a poor customer service experience, and one-third of consumers say they would consider switching companies after just one instance of bad customer service. When striving to provide an exceptional customer service experience, three obstacles always stand in the way:  Access, Speed, and Guidance. 

Even though you have spent countless hours building your knowledge base and fine tuning your FAQs, customers don’t often seek them out or don’t bother reading thoroughly enough to find their solution. If customer problems require the attention of a support agent, a less than immediate response may lead to an abandoned cart or loss of renewal. In some cases, your product or service requires how-tos in order to maximize customer experience. Without seeking out this information, you lose out on return business because customers may never find their value. The solution for all these customer service problems lie in Solvvy‘s next-gen chatbot & automation platform.

Improving on Traditional Chatbots 

Traditional chatbots have been commonplace tools in customer service for the better part of two decades. Traditional chatbots can deliver support content and answer questions effectively and rapidly, but still struggle to pinpoint answers in dense support material or always supply a direct solution to questions raised by customers. On top of that, chatbots are complex and time-consuming to code. 

The next-gen chatbot and complete automation platform from Solvvy fully addresses the needs of your customers and allows businesses to build complex, automated solutions easily. Solvvy Workflows automate challenging customer tasks, enabling customers to self-service and freeing up support team time. Workflows also give businesses the ability to build customer service automations within an intuitive interface with no coding or in-house technical expertise required. 

Because every inquiry requires a tailored solution, Solvvy’s complete chatbot offers fully-automated self-service and intelligent agent-assisted support capabilities. Around 30-50% of customer inquiries including subscription management, shipment information, and account questions can be resolved through Answers. If a problem requires agent support, Journeys ensure a fast and efficient response. Journeys deliver customer information to agents which keeps customers from needing to repeat responses. This process can also be customized to account for persona-based routing and customer value prioritization. All support interactions  are captured by Solvvy’s next-level analytics and presented in a powerful dashboard which tells you exactly how well your support channel is operating.

Automate Customer Support Without Coding 

Providing truly exceptional customer support is easily achievable thanks to Solvvy’s chatbot & automation platform, and there are several factors that set Solvvy apart:

Build Effortlessly

Solvvy is designed with user experience in mind. An intuitive layout allows for most CX teams to create custom automations in less than 30 minutes. With our platform, you can design step-by-step solutions for complex questions quickly and effectively without every needing to code. Workflows also save time because they are only required for complicated issues. Solvvy’s intelligence addresses common customer problems without the need for user-developed decision trees.

Real Intelligence

Traditional chatbots operate merely based on programmed keywords, which can create confusion and provide inaccurate answers. Solvvy leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to trigger workflows based on the intent behind customer’s questions and comes pre-built with intents trained on thousands of user queries. This leads to very high self-service rates and ensures that customers get the most accurate answers.

Robust Analytics Dashboard

Most chatbot insights don’t provide nearly enough information to understand the whole picture. Solvvy’s Analytics Dashboard shows important statistics like self-service rate, cost savings, and ticket deflections, but also delves into top ticket driving queries, how your help center articles are performing so you know what content works and what doesn’t, and specific pain points for your customers. Solvvy also categorizes queries by top issue without requiring any tagging by your support team. All these elements generate a complete portrait of your support efforts.

Rapid ROI With Low TCO

Regardless of the time of day, day of the week, or holiday, Solvvy is always on. With Answers and Workflows, both basic and complex questions are answered immediately and self-service is facilitated. Solvvy provides 24/7 coverage and handles increased ticket volume with ease. By automatically resolving customer support issues, many of our customers see a return on investment in as little as 3 months, and Solvvy typically does the same amount of work as roughly 10 full time support agents.

In areas where traditional chatbots fall short, Solvvy’s next-gen chatbot & automation platform excels in addressing customer needs. With Workflows and Answers, users are delivered solutions immediately – no matter how complex the question – in a natural and conversational manner. While providing this level of intelligent customer service automation may seem impossible without extensive technical expertise, Solvvy says, “No engineers? No problem.”

If you want to learn more and see the Workflow Builder in Action, you can see a live demo in this webinar. To see how companies like Scribd are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year using Solvvy Workflows and Automation, check out this customer story.

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