The Plight of the Mobile Customer


A Story We All Know

Your customer is traveling through your app at the speed of light. They’re enjoying every aspect of your app that your team worked so hard to deliver on. Everything feels flawless, seamless, practically perfect. But then something you never thought would happen, happens. Your customer runs into an issue and needs help immediately. 

And so the search begins.

First, your customer roams around your app for a while, looking for the answer themselves, but to no avail. Frustrated but still hopeful, they turn to tried and true Google. They search and search again, but unfortunately, the issue is too specific and the answer is still left unfound. Meanwhile, the correct resolution has existed this entire time in your Help Center, but your customer has no clear way to get to it. In the end, your customer has become bogged down to a turtle’s pace, has left your app unsatisfied, and still has no answer. 

How To Keep Users Engaged

When users are unable to find answers quickly, they’re much more likely to abandon your app. And when 82% of consumers say that getting their problems solved quickly is the #1 factor in a great customer service experience, time is of the essence. In order to alleviate this common customer issue, simplified mobile customer experiences are needed. So, when customers do require help, it’s important that they can ask questions easily, and receive those answers quickly and accurately. In turn, they’ll have seamless customer experiences and customer effort will be reduced significantly.

Intelligent in-app support reduces customer effort and keeps your customers coming back. Over half of all people stop doing business with a company because of a poor customer experience, so it’s important that finding answers is as easy as possible. Finding a solution that can accurately and immediately provide customers with answers should be a priority if you don’t want users to run into speed bumps. And in those moments when customers absolutely must speak with a support agent, intelligently routing them to the best support channel to fit their needs will further reduce the effort required for them to resolve their issues. When customers find answers quickly and effortlessly, they will experience less frustration and have a better overall experience with your mobile app. 

Native Experiences

In-app experiences allow customers to resolve issues without having to search elsewhere. The first issue with having users search elsewhere is that they’re no longer using your services. Having them leave your app should be exactly what you don’t want them to do, and should be a last resort. Secondly, in an age where one in four users only ever open an app once, having that first experience be the best possible experience is paramount. When customers have no other option but to leave your app for support, chances are they won’t be coming back. Instead, providing a native experience so users stay within your app ensures their experience won’t be interrupted, even when they have questions. And by making these answers more discoverable, the work you’ve put into your help center will be validated. If users are always searching elsewhere for answers, rather than using your built-in knowledge base, your help center becomes less valuable. Fast-track your users to the answers you’ve spent time creating for them to increase the value of your help center and give your customers a truly all-in-one experience.

Seamless Mobile Experience

With all this in mind, let’s go back to how an in-app experience should be. With an app based on tranquility, Calm must always ensure users can get fast answers without getting frustrated. When Calm users come across a snag during their experience, a readily available support widget in the app leads them to Solvvy, which immediately presents the option to search for answers. After typing in the question, regardless of complexity, an answer appears before these users and the problem can be solved. Almost immediately, they’re able to get right back to the action. 

High abandonment rates don’t have to be the norm with mobile users. By providing them with seamless experiences, you can turn happy customers into loyal customers. And all the effort you’ve spent on building out a robust help center? Now that information is readily available to your users, putting your support team at ease. Rather than fumbling to find answers, solutions can be at your customers’ fingertips, bringing them back to the speed-of-light experience they’ve always expected.

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