Solvvy is GDPR Compliant


The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25th. The GDPR applies to any business that offers products or services within the European Union or collects personal data of EU citizens. The regulation provides more transparency and control over personal data collected by any organization. It is also designed to ensure that data is stored and transferred responsibly. As the leader in intelligent self-service serving more than 250M end users around the world, Solvvy is a fully GDPR compliant chatbot.

GDPR compliance

Leading up to May 25th, we have taken the following steps to ensure compliance with GDPR:

1) Personally Identifying Information (PII) is redacted immediately (before any processing or storage) upon receipt of customer queries or when ingesting ticket data.

2) All PII, including IP addresses, has been removed from event data and is no longer captured or stored in event logs.

3) Tickets created through Solvvy in the customer’s CRM are held in an isolated database and will be deleted immediately after ticket creation.

The bottom line is that Solvvy does not collect or process any PII except when handing off tickets to our customer’s CRM. No PII is used for AI training or shared with third parties. We encourage our customers to review our updated privacy policy and contact us with any questions.

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