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The Solvvy vision is to provide seamless customer experiences through intelligent self-service, and customers are at the heart of this strategy. That’s why we’re ecstatic that Solvvy was recognized by G2 Crowd as a 2019 Momentum Leader for Customer Self-Service. This is a testament to the work we’ve put in this year to improve our product, brand, and our customer relationships. With this recognition in mind, we’re highlighting a few of the customer reviews from G2 Crowd that have helped us become a Momentum Leader. 

“From defining our requirements to customizing the Solvvy modal, the Solvvy team has been invaluable”

Being named a leader in Customer Self-Service extends directly to our customers. Solvvy isn’t just a platform, it’s a partnership with our customers dedicated to elevating support experiences. Our world-class CSM team provides in-depth guidance, including recommendations around best practices and market trends in order to help our customers succeed. By fostering these partnerships, we’ve learned plenty along the way which has allowed us to continuously improve our platform to provide even better experiences.

“Solvvy is the first weapon in the fight for self-service. And self-service is beginning to be an important factor towards customer satisfaction.”

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a great way to gauge how well your support operations is working. Solvvy helps improve CSAT by providing effortless customer experiences, where end-users can find answers quickly and easily. More recently, we’ve improved our user interface to be more intuitive and user-friendly, making answers easier to find than ever. As a result, users don’t need to struggle to find answers, and can get right back to their business. 

“The absolute best aspect of Solvvy is being able to help more people and have a wider impact while still having a smaller support team.”

For organizations that are growing rapidly, Solvvy is a reliable solution to scale your support team with the growth of your business. When customers today expect the absolute best, it can be difficult to keep up with this demand. However, Solvvy helps users find answers immediately, giving back agent time so they can focus on strengthening customer relationships. And when users are unable to find answers, Solvvy makes it easy as it routes them to the best support channel, ensuring agent time is used efficiently when resolving tickets. 

“Solvvy allows us to intelligently and efficiently identify knowledge gaps and add updates to our help center.”

Throughout the year, we’ve made significant improvements to our reporting and analytics dashboard. Using the Solvvy Dashboard, our customers are able to improve their knowledge base, learn from their end-users, and make informed decisions around their support operations. 

Giving our customers a birds-eye view of how they’re supporting end-users gives them a major advantage in improving customer experiences, and allows them to constantly improve the resources available to their customers.


We wouldn’t be where we are without our extraordinary customers. They enable us to improve as we build the next generation of customer support software, and these reviews from the G2 Crowd community motivate us to keep innovating. We were recognized as a Momentum Leader based on our value proposition, ease of use, and high customer ratings, but this would be all in vain if it didn’t lead to the satisfaction of our customer base and end-users. Looking forward, we’ll continue to take insights from our customers to ensure we maintain our position as a leader in customer self-service, improving our platform to provide the best customer experiences possible. 

Solvvy reviews sourced by G2

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