Solvvy Spring Release is Here!


We are very excited to announce our spring release. This release includes a lot of new features and functionality and brings us closer to our long standing mission of applying the promise of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the best customer experience for consumers and end users around the world. We’ve been hard at work building new features and are especially excited to share our completely redesigned experience and dashboard with you.

Here are the big improvements in our spring release:

New Customer Facing UI

Our new and improved consumer/end-user facing UI was redesigned to allow and encourage a conversational exchange to understand the issue of the user and, in response, to provide an immediate resolution effortlessly.

You can see the new simple and clean UI that allows the customer ask their question and then displays potential solutions. If the solutions don’t help the user, Solvvy can route the user to the appropriate support channel to provide a frictionless experience.


Solvvy as your first line of defense: Solvvy’s new UI can be launched wherever and whenever your customers need help. The Solvvy interface can be called from your home page, help center, mobile pages or from the support form. You get to decide how to design the best workflow for your customers and empower them with intelligent self-service. With Solvvy, your users can ask quick questions and receive immediate responses without agent interaction.

Multiple personas: Our customers can provide persona choices to end users before Solvvy tries resolving their issue. This helps provide more accurate answers for end user questions.

Custom fields and dropdowns: Solvvy now supports customers who have custom fields and nested dropdowns in their support form. 

New Dashboard

Our Dashboard was redesigned to allow our customers (leaders of customer experience and customer service teams) gain strategic business insights while continuously monitoring their team’s vital KPIs.



New Dashboard UI showing KPIs/metrics

In 2017, we heard from our customers the impact Solvvy has had on decreasing contact volume, resolution time, and cost and we wanted to ensure our dashboard shows the comprehensive data to make it easy for our customers to measure and report on these results. If self-service is a 2018 priority, here are a few highlights from our dashboard and how we report on your KPIs:

  • Self-Service Rate: Measure the impact of your self-service strategy on Day 1 with Solvvy. Our customers see self-service rates between 15-30% that continue to grow over time.
  • Cost Savings: See our impact on your bottom line with our cost savings graph. Customers find this helpful to compare seasonality and peak times as well as an overall view of self-service and its impact to the business.
  • Average Resolution Time: Report on Solvvy’s significant time savings–your customers can find instant resolutions and your support team can focus on answering more complex questions faster. 
  • Data Download: Export and build custom reports that make sense for your team.
  • Ticket Training: Use our interactive training tool to deliver expert feedback, identify knowledge gaps, and improve Solvvy’s accuracy over time.

User Management

With new user management features available, the whole customer support/customer experience team can benefit from insights in the the Solvvy dashboard. Admins can add and remove users and easily reset passwords.

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