Solvvy Offers Personalized Workflows to Struggling Parents


Building on the continued commercial success of our powerful Conversational AI for top online brands and marketplaces, Solvvy is pleased to announce that our no-code Workflow Builder and Omnichannel routing is now available to parents with children who might need an extra ‘nudge’ to stay on task.  

“We conducted extensive field research on this topic,” said S. Amy Street, Solvvy’s Head of Child Experience (CX). “This included in-depth ethnographic ‘follow-me-home’ sessions with several of our employees.  The results were conclusive – nearly 99% of children would rather watch YouTubers or play Minecraft than work on book reports or complete an online math lesson.”*

With insights in tow, Solvvy’s product and engineering teams got to work and, using our no-code, drag-and-drop Workflow builder, were able to create several new frameworks to ensure parents can orchestrate an intelligent journey for their children. By putting Solvvy in front of key search and communication channels (including Social Media), Solvvy’s Natural Language Processing and intent detection is able to take over and trigger the right workflow for a given child.

An example: Jimmy (age 8) was supposed to be researching his favorite animal, the rhinoceros, for his school science report. Instead Jimmy kept entering phrases like “Dude Perfect trick shots” into his browser. Solvvy’s intent detection was able to take that phrase – and 10 similar phrases that Jimmy typed – and reply in an accurate and personalized way (Solvvy: “Seriously, Jimmy?  You realize that they film for hours just to get 15 seconds of footage, right?  How about we look at this rhinoceros video instead. Learning is really cool and it would make your parents super happy.  Whaddya say?”). 

“If a child continues down the incorrect path in one of our workflows,” Street continued, “Solvvy is able to offer other Smart Suggestions to get him back on track or pass his ‘case’ over to his parents using our intelligent handoff capabilities. In early Beta testing, parents saw a 65% reduction in interruptions and reported far higher satisfaction scores.”

*Note: The other 1% of children were offered summer internships at Solvvy.

Solvvy wishes parents and children (and everyone else) a very happy April Fool’s Day :-).