Spruce Up Your Customer Support This Holiday Season


The holidays are here and wish lists have been made. Have you been nice or naughty? If you’ve been nice, Santa and his elves are beavering away in their workshop trying to make your dreams come true. This time of the year is not only busy for Santa and his elves, but for everyone else trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones. The last thing they want during this busy time of year is to spend 10-15 minutes on the phone with a customer service agents.

If customers don’t want to waste time talking to agents, why do customer experience teams feel like all customers are contacting them at the same time? That’s because 30-40% of all annual sales occur during the holidays. This means higher ticket volumes, higher stakes, and more stress for your CX team. To make matters worse, both agents and customers don’t have nearly as much time (or patience) as they usually do, which can be a recipe for a sour customer experience. 

On November 12th, we hosted a live webinar with Caroline Nolan, Customer Experience Manager at Brooklinen, and Roxana Gulea, Customer Engagement Manager and Head of Fraud Protection at Adore Me, on their survival tactics to handle the big holiday rush.


How to Empower Your Support Elves 

Impatient customers don’t want to spend their time on hold waiting to have easy questions answered, but how do customer experience agents feel answering the same repetitive questions over and over again? It probably feels worse than being stuck in a massive snow pile. 

To get unstuck, Adore Me handles the simple, repetitive  customer issues with Solvvy. They’ve realized a 50% self-service rate with 75,000 customer issues resolved and $400,000 in cost savings. While the ROI stats for Adore Me may have them feeling jolly, there has been an even better impact on their customer experience team because agents no longer feel bogged down in answering simple questions such as “Where’s my package ?” They can now step into more complex issues that truly require a human touch, go above and beyond the call of duty, or even take on additional responsibilities. The outcome is increased employee engagement, team morale, and retention rates.


How to Make Your CX a Jolly Good Time For All

Solvvy helps save Brooklinen’s agents time as they are no longer bogged down in overwhelming ticket volume, freeing them up to give more personalized interactions to their customers. This allows the agents to deliver consistently ‘wow’ customer experiences, raising their CSAT score. Aside from feeling enabled to deliver ‘wow’ customer experiences, Brooklinen’s partnership with Solvvy frees up agents to take more breaks and vacations. Solvvy works around the clock alongside the CX team to act as 1 or 2 full time agents with a 25% SSR without having to take any breaks or vacations. Caroline Nolan, Customer Experience Manager at Brooklinen notes,“Before we partnered with Solvvy, our team had to work on both Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we no longer have to. Overall, we are just happier since we began working with the  Solvvy team.” 


How to Make Your Customers Elf-Sufficent  

Brooklinen and Adore Me take steps to empower their customers during the holiday season and make them self-sufficient. Brooklinen’s team recently made the change to automate their entire returns process, putting it in the hands of the customer. As a result, Brooklinen has seen a 12% reduction in returns and a 180% reduction in return-related support tickets. 

Adore Me also automated their entire returns & exchange process to make it self-serviceable. When a customer wants to return an item, Adore Me immediately provides an automatic shipping label for their order and a voucher for their next order. The customer doesn’t have to interact with ay support agents or wait for a refund to begin their next order. This self-serviceable option is loved by their customers and has driven their CSAT up. 

If your customer support team can empower your agents to deliver fantastic customer experiences and empower your customer at the same time, your team will be prancing and dancing into 2020. 


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