Meet Zoom Virtual Agent, the next Evolution of Solvvy


Zoom Virtual Agent is ready 24/7 to provide quick, personalized help

Since Zoom acquired Solvvy earlier this year, many people have asked me why Zoom, a company that is the gold standard for team collaboration and meetings, would look to bring Solvvy’s advanced conversational AI technology and team into its portfolio. And conversely, what led Solvvy to join forces with Zoom?

I’m pleased to share the first result of our shared vision, which centers around rapid innovation and a total focus on delivering happiness. Zoom Virtual Agent, an intelligent conversational AI chatbot solution, uses natural language processing and machine learning to accurately understand and painlessly resolve issues for customers.

Zoom Virtual Agent works 24/7 on multiple support channels to deliver fast, personalized customer experiences. That means it also reduces call and ticket volume for human agents, which can help businesses save significant amounts on operational costs, especially during a time when budgets are tightening in almost every industry.

Unlike many chatbots on the market, Zoom Virtual Agent uses AI to correctly interpret what your customers are asking, regardless of how they word their requests. The platform understands customers’ intent—and it becomes more accurate over time, as it learns from every interaction. And it allows customers to rapidly build custom intents or choose from rich existing libraries.

But Zoom Virtual Agent goes beyond understanding to resolution. It delivers accurate and conversational resolutions and answers from day one. By crawling your knowledge bases, FAQs, and ticket history (plus any documentation you choose) before launch, Zoom Virtual Agent intelligently guides your customers to the right resolution. These resolutions often take the form of highly personalized experiences—customized flows and messages for unique customer segments based on their profile and data attributes.

Zoom Virtual Agent also goes well beyond self-service. It embraces the “human + AI” model, and seamlessly hands off to agents when needed, with all the context required for these agents to continue the conversation without asking customers to repeat themselves. In many cases, it can also ensure that the right agents with the right skills are working on these issues.

Finally, Zoom Virtual Agent delivers industry-leading analytics that gives you a true “voice of the customer” with actionable outcomes.

If you’ve been keeping up with Solvvy, most of this functionality will sound familiar. That’s for a very good reason. The Solvvy and Zoom teams have been working hard, together, to bring Solvvy’s advanced AI capabilities to the Zoom platform, and more specifically, Zoom Contact Center. Zoom Virtual Agent takes the best of Solvvy and adds many powerful capabilities from the Zoom platform that we’ll tell you more about in the weeks ahead. Zoom Virtual Agent will be available in early 2023.

Zoom is more than video meetings

I’m still surprised how many people think Zoom is just a platform for video meetings. Zoom’s product portfolio has dramatically expanded over the last few years. Today, Zoom has become a robust platform for businesses.

For example, half a million businesses choose Zoom One to help them collaborate and work. Zoom Phone, Zoom’s cloud phone service, recently surpassed 4 million seats sold. The rapid growth of business lines such as Zoom Phone (UCaaS) and the introduction and growth of Zoom Contact Center in early 2022 have propelled Zoom to an innovative position in the customer experience category. 

Zoom Contact Center is a robust contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution. It’s transforming how some of the world’s largest companies deliver the type of customer service today’s consumers expect. In Solvvy, Zoom has added a leading conversational AI solution to deliver value to customers and our skilled team, who shares Zoom’s well-earned reputation for innovation, customer focus, and agility.

Zoom Virtual Agent will be available as a standalone solution that integrates with a variety of CRM, chat, and contact center offerings, but it will be even better when paired with Zoom Contact Center. 

The future of customer support

Zoom Contact Center allows customers to ask for help and reach companies however they want—over video, voice, web chat, and SMS. As you can imagine, that kind of integrated omnichannel support is table stakes these days as the world becomes more integrated and technologically advanced. Zoom Contact Center empowers many industries to deliver better service, including healthcare teams, such as hospital providers and clinics.

By integrating Zoom Virtual Agent with the Zoom Contact Center, we’ve helped create what we believe will be one of the leading CCaaS solutions on the market. Solvvy’s “State of Chatbots” report in 2021 found that 55% of consumers prefer to use a chatbot versus waiting for a live agent. That number jumps to 69% if consumers are confident that the chatbot will resolve their issue faster.

If you’re familiar with Zoom and Solvvy, you know we share a focus on making customers happy and delivering great products. We both believe that technology can enhance lives and Solvvy aligns with Zoom’s core commitment to kindness and care. It’s deeply satisfying to see not only how our technologies have blended, but how our teams of people and philosophies have come together to create such an impactful product. We’re excited to share more details about Zoom Virtual Agent soon.