An automated customer support chatbot that goes above and beyond

Solvvy’s intelligent next-gen chatbot platform amplifies your company’s support while delivering great customer experiences, every time.

Solvvy Workflows

Automate unique workflows such as returns, refunds, cancellations, upgrades, and more based on user intent to handle even the most complex customer needs.

Solvvy’s workflow automated customer support can integrate directly with back-end systems for a complete end-to-end experience or Solvvy can collect relevant information from your customers and smoothly hand-off to your support team.

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Solvvy Answers

Deliver immediate resolutions to customer issues and solve your most common support requests using AI and natural language processing.

Solvvy’s proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology interprets conversational language and the intent behind questions, returning specific and relevant solutions to your customers. Solvvy’s support chat-bot continuously learns from user feedback and improves over time.

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Solvvy Journeys

Guide customers to the optimal channel or agent based on personas or issue types. Drive resolutions while maximizing the return-on-investment of your support team.

Solvvy Journeys enables a true multi-channel support experience with on-brand experiences on desktop, mobile, and app and intelligent routing at the right times from Solvvy to live chat, web, or phone as appropriate.

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Solvvy Insights

Improve your support operations and better understand your customer needs with powerful insights that give you an overview of your entire customer experience.

Solvvy’s Insights provides an instant view into Self-Service Rates, Automated Ticket Categorization, Knowledge Base Gaps, Query and User Breakdowns, and more, so you know how you’re doing and where you can improve.

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