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We are very proud to partner with leading brands to shape the future of their customer experience

  • “Keeping support costs manageable as Acuity Scheduling grows is crucial, but I also wanted to maintain our high quality. Solvvy has made a true difference in our bottom line by saving us time and money in our customer support funnel, while also helping us improve our customer experience.”

    Gavin Zuchlinski

    CEO, Acuity Scheduling
  • "The time-to-value of Solvvy for us was instant. We saw an immediate decrease in ticket volume, as well as an increase in the quality of the customer questions we received. Our customers are more empowered to self-serve on their own time without the need for us to get involved. I truly appreciate Solvvy’s commitment to educating the customer. They understand that if our customers enjoy the support experience they will have a better experience with our product as a whole, which will help us continue to be successful as a company.”


    Customer Support Manager, Alexa
  • "Solvvy has helped us reach a 20% self-service rate (and that number is growing by the day). If I told my team that we were stripping out Solvvy, I would have a mutiny on my hands"

    Antonio King

    Director Experience, Shinesty

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