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Solvvy helped identify and answer questions without adding more staff as Codecademy scaled their product.
Solvvy answered questions so that agents could focus on complex issues.
Solvvy helped users feel supported.
How Calm Cut Tickets and Response Time in Half
How Invaluable Improved their Help Center Content and Workflow
How SimplePractice Cut Response Time in Half While Doubling Customers
“The impact was immediate. We saw self-service rates of 24% but the biggest impact was in first response times. Our first response time decreased from 23 hours to 6 hours.”
Solvvy reduced response times helping to boost CSAT scores and provide a better customer service experience overall.
Solvvy helped Stash keep up with support tickets without having to add to its team, which kept costs down.
Solvvy provides speedy, accurate self-service so clients can immediately find the information they need and keep working.
Shinesty Slashes Customer Contacts and Response Time
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