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How Calendly Doubled Self-Service Resolutions

Self-Service Rate
Customer Issues Solved
Cost Savings
Average Reduction in Case Resolution Time

Executive Summary

  • Solvvy has helped the Calendly Customer Experience (CX) team improve agent productivity. The average resolution time improved by 20% as Solvvy addressed the self-serviceable tickets and allowed the agents to focus on the issues that truly required their time and expertise.

  • Calendly switched from Answer Bot to Solvvy. This improved the accuracy of answers provided to customers and more than doubled the self-service rate from 20% to 50%.

  • Since working with Solvvy, Calendly has continuously improved its self-service rate and has seen the greatest impact on its mobile application.

Background Summary

Since 2013, Calendly users have scheduled meetings with 100 million people worldwide. Calendly hopes to see that number grow and eventually reach and exceed 1 billion people annually. Calendly is a beautiful, simple calendar scheduling app that helps remove the friction from scheduling and automate meeting workflows. With over $30 million in annual revenue, Calendly has seen early success, but it was not an easy path to success.

Finding a time to meet is an age-old problem, yet nearly all meetings are scheduled by exchanging half a dozen emails and flipping between calendars trying to find a time. So, when Calendly built a solution to allow customers to share a link that provides access to their availability, independent of which calendar system the meeting participants used, and then automates the sending out invites and call or meeting details, this was a clear win for anyone who schedules meetings with people outside of their organization. But like any age-old problem, and any new free or low-cost software service that helps solve that problem, getting customers to adopt, share, integrate their calendars and meeting tools or CRM systems, and build Calendly into their daily workflow was no small feat. Calendly decided early on that having a world-class customer experience was going to help them differentiate and help its customers be successful. 

As the company grew, its customers booked lots and lots of meetings. And the people booking meetings with Calendly customers wanted to use the product for their own meetings. As the customer base and meeting volume grew and users came to rely on Calendly for managing their workflow or business, that customer experience became even more important. And solving customer needs fast and across various time zones became more and more challenging.


Calendly’s support team attempted to proactively hire support agents to meet rising tickets and demand, but given Calendly’s hyper-growth rate, the team was always playing catch up as new users came onboard and ticket volumes climbed every month. In addition to rising demand, there were also new feature releases, product updates, integration launches, that increased the range of functionality of the product as well as the areas where support and content were needed to help customers succeed. So the Calendly team asked themselves, how do we make it easier for our customers to answer their own questions?

Calendly already used Zendesk Answer Bot, but they found it very unsuccessful and were unable to achieve satisfactory results. Calendly began to evaluate other solutions over Answer Bot as they were hoping to improve self-service rates and improve their customer experience.

“First of all, the articles Answer Bot surfaced were not often correct. They weren’t the right ones. It also only surfaced articles rather than the correct answers or content, which would make the experience messy and not worth it for the customers.”

Joelle Waksman, Director of CX,

The Solvvy Solution

At Calendly, their team wants to make self-service as easy and accessible as possible for their users. They believe in an effortless experience and a solution that takes the work out of connecting with others so their users can accomplish more. 

Similar to Calendly’s mission of taking the work out of scheduling, Solvvy streamlines support by immediately engaging with a user attempting to contact support and intelligently recommends answers and solutions before routing them to the appropriate agent if they still wanted to do so. By implementing Solvvy, their team was able to find a solution that worked much better than Answer Bot and other competitors in the customer service automation space such as chatbots.

Results and What’s Next

After adding the Solvvy modal into their calendar scheduling app, Calendly users gained instant access to their Help Resources with the click of a small icon. In the first seven days of rolling out the Solvvy solution, Calendly saw a 103% increase in instant self-service resolutions. Today, 50% of the users that click into the Solvvy modal to ask a question are finding their answers and not creating a support request.

Solvvy is able to handle the low hanging fruit, freeing up Calendly agents to work on more complex tasks. As a result, Calendly has decreased the average resolution time of tickets that aren’t resolved by Solvvy, by 20%. Implementing Solvvy has helped Calendly improve agent productivity and increase customer happiness.

Solvvy and Calendly are at the early stages of their partnership and have partnered for less than 12 months, but are already seeing tremendous results. Calendly is working closely with the Solvvy CSM team to continue to innovate when it comes to providing an effortless customer experience.

Scaled efficiently with 35% ticket reduction.
Achieved 40% self-service rate in four languages.
Nourishing relationships with quick responses.