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How ClickFunnels Increased CSAT among its Rapidly Growing User Base

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Executive Summary

ClickFunnels, a sales funnel company, helps business owners grow their companies by turning website visitors into paying customers. Entrepreneurs can choose from a range of professional web design templates that use proven sales funnels designed for specific types of products or services.

ClickFunnels was founded in 2014 with the goal of enabling regular people to grow their companies without investing a lot of time and money. Streamlining the customer experience and providing top-notch customer service has been a foundational goal since day one. With dedicated customer support teams for both technical and billing issues, ClickFunnels was handling all support tickets via chat, with response times varying depending on staffing levels and the number of tickets.

As ClickFunnels’ sales started going through the roof, they needed to reduce response times and free up their agents to handle more complex problems. The company also wanted to boost their CSAT scores and provide a better customer experience overall. ClickFunnels turned to Solvvy to implement a speedy, accurate self-service option so users can find what they’re looking for quickly and get back to increasing sales conversions.

“Solvvy is really pioneering AI in the support space. As a growing company, knowing that we can go from 59,000 users to 100,000 without doubling the size of our support team is exciting.”

Mark Bangerter
Director of Customer Experience & Education

ClickFunnels is growing fast. They doubled their customer base in just about a year, going from 30,000 to 60,000 users from January 2017 to February 2018. They pride themselves on delivering excellent customer service without driving up costs. But with support tickets on the rise, response times were not where they wanted them to be. ClickFunnels provides all customer support through its Intercom chat channel. Sometimes chat agents were able to respond to inquiries right away. But if no one was available, the ticket would go into a queue with first response times varying depending on a number of factors, including ticket volume and the complexity of inquiries. This was not only frustrating for customers, it was tedious for agents who often had to answer the same questions again and again.

Scaling with Solvvy

In February 2017, ClickFunnels promoted Mark Bangerter to Director of Customer Experience and Education. Bangerter identified several areas for improvement, and set some lofty goals: increase CSAT, reduce response times, and improve the overall customer experience. By implementing a self-service tool that could answer the simpler questions instantly, ClickFunnels hoped to achieve these goals and enable further growth.

Increasing agent productivity

ClickFunnels chose Solvvy to implement a self-service channel that could quickly and accurately answer FAQs, reduce costs, shorten response times, and boost customer satisfaction. Solvvy’s AI also helped the company identify gaps in their knowledge base—an area Bangerter says was “neglected,” although they didn’t even realize it. Now they can fill these holes with new articles that improve self-service and also help agents by arming them with more knowledge. Since implementing Solvvy, ClickFunnels has added a content team to their customer service arsenal, continually fine-tuning their knowledge base as a result of Solvvy’s findings.

Solvvy sits on the ClickFunnels chat window, enabling users to ask questions in their own words and resolving tickets by providing precise, accurate answers instantly. Solvvy combines machine learning algorithms and natural language processing technologies to understand what customers are asking and extract relevant information from the ClickFunnels knowledge base. With Solvvy answering the most common questions, ClickFunnels agents are able to focus on more complex queries and can respond faster, too. Average response times for queries that go into the queue is now under an hour.

Keeping customers happy without wait times

While B2B usually has lower self-service rates than B2C, ClickFunnels customers are happy they can get answers without having to wait for an agent to respond so they can get back to pursuing their dreams. Since implementing Solvvy in September 2017, ClickFunnels CSAT score has gone from 76% to 95%, and their NPS score has increased by 10 points. Despite the company’s continued growth, the number of tickets has dropped, as close to a third of queries can now be resolved through self-service. For ClickFunnels’ agents, Solvvy has reduced the tedious, repetitive questions they have to answer, allowing them to spend their time on more complex—and satisfying—customer issues.

Closing knowledge base gaps

As an unexpected benefit, Solvvy has helped ClickFunnels expand their knowledge base content to drive even more efficient service. Says Bangerter, “One of the biggest ways Solvvy has helped is by identifying those gaps. We didn’t have a dedicated content team prior to using Solvvy. Now we’ve grown that team to three people who are updating and creating documentation that helps our users and our agents.”

In addition to cost savings, Solvvy has helped ClickFunnels deliver the customer experience they were striving for. As the sales funnel company continues to grow, they are excited to expand their self service offerings to accommodate their growing customer base without having to double their support staff. Just as ClickFunnels helps thousands of people pursue their dream of becoming a successful, independent business owner, Solvvy is helping ClickFunnels reach their goals, too.

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