Supporting online learning with intelligent self-service

How Codecademy used technology to intelligently scale support

Learners on Codecademy
Self-Service Rate
Reduction in Email Response Time
Point CSAT Increase

Executive Summary

Codecademy is an online education platform that helps people around the world expand their horizons and boost their careers by learning how to code for free. They offer interactive courses in 12 programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS and new courses in data analysis.

“Codecademy has pretty ambitious growth goals, and with Solvvy we can identify and answer questions without adding more staff as we scale our product. It’s easy for users, effortless for my team, and involves minimal overhead.”

Riley Soter
Customer Support Manager

Codecademy is a “freemium” online education platform founded in 2011 that lets anyone with a computer and an internet connection learn how to code. To keep operational costs low, the company has a lean support team answering inbound email queries seven days per week.

Codecademy knows most of their users are motivated, savvy people who would prefer to self-serve. The company wanted to speed up response times by redirecting support inquiries from the email channel to a self-help form to provide answers to common questions. Codecademy turned to Solvvy to implement speedy, accurate self-service so users can find what they’re looking for quickly and get back to learning.

  • 30% of consumer base is interacting with self-service
  • Identifying common questions & providing answers
  • Reducing costs so agents can handle high-value customers

Reducing response time with immediate self-service

Codecademy is growing fast. The company recently added a paid “Pro” option, which gives users access to a personalized learning plan with quizzes, help from advisors, and more. But it also wants to stay true to its mission of providing accessible coding education to anyone who wants to learn, anywhere around the world. The challenge with this model is supporting the majority of non-paying users without driving up costs.

While 30% of queries come through the contact form, the majority of contacts are still made via email, which requires a human response. With so many users and a small team, the first response times were often upwards of 12 hours. Codecademy needed a way to drive more users to the self-service channel for instant, accurate answers. They also wanted to identify the gaps in their knowledge base so they could create content and provide instant answers to the questions their users are asking most.

“Solvvy gives us the competitive advantage every company wants. By allowing us to leverage AI, many of our learners can now resolve their issues without human intervention,” says Riley Soter, Customer Support Manager at Codecademy.

Improving Agent Productivity

After evaluating different options, Codecademy chose Solvvy to implement a self-service channel that could quickly and accurately address FAQs, boosting efficiency and satisfaction. Solvvy’s AI also helped the team streamline and restructure their knowledge base documentation by identifying commonly asked questions and gaps in their answers. And by resolving more queries through the self-service channel, they are freeing up agents to handle questions that need hands on support and to better serve paid users. With Solvvy, Codecademy is turning customer support into a revenue-driving channel, too.

Solvvy sits on the Codecademy support form and enables users to ask questions in their own words and self-serve tickets by providing precise, accurate answers instantly. Solvvy combines machine learning algorithms and natural language processing technologies to understand what customers are asking and extract relevant information from the Codecademy knowledge base. With Solvvy answering the most common issues, Codecademy agents are able to respond to queries faster, too. For issues that go through the self-help tool, resolutions are received in under a minute.

Reducing Costs While Increasing CSAT

By reducing the number of customer support emails, Solvvy has lowered customer service costs for Codecademy and paved the way for the company to increase self-service and faster customer support even more in the future. While they will continue to provide email support, they are increasing awareness about the self-service channel by including a CTA that drives to the contact form in every communication they send out to users. The initial response also showed a significant improvement in CSAT scores, which jumped from the mid 80s up to the low 90s very quickly after they implemented Solvvy.

As an unexpected value-add, Solvvy helped Codecademy identify four key issues that did not have documentation. Understanding what they were missing has helped the company rethink how they structure their documentation, streamlining it to be more straightforward and provide clear, accurate answers. According to Riley, “Solvvy has given us fantastic insight into what learners are asking and the state of our documentation. And it helps us continue to grow by setting us up to take care of the free users without hiring more customer support staff.”

In the same way Codecademy helps people all around the world learn a vital skill on their own, Solvvy is making it easy for them to find the answers they need to continue with their learning, without human assistance. With the demand for coding skills continuing to skyrocket, Codecademy is excited about increasing automation with Solvvy to help reach their growth goals and fulfilling their mission to build the education the world deserves.

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