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How eero Reduced Customer Tickets by 45%

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The eero Whole Home Wi-Fi System offers an easy, elegant way to blanket any home in fast, reliable WiFi right out of the box. With a sleek design and simple implementation, customers can upgrade their network to deliver top-speeds and buffer-free streaming across every inch of their home in less than ten minutes.

eero customers range from savvy technologists to everyday consumers who just expect things to work—fast. When they have questions about their WiFi network, they want to find answers instantly so they can keep moving forward. Although eero has a large online help center with a lot of articles and answers, many customers were still reaching out via email, telephone, social media, and other channels. eero’s support team was looking to increase self-service and turned to Solvvy to enable an effortless self-service experience while giving their agents more time to focus on troubleshooting complex issues.

“With Solvvy, our customers can get answers to even more questions that matter so agents can focus on solving more complex issues more quickly.”

Jeff Chase
Content Strategist

eero is known as an innovator and a leader in providing excellent customer support, and the company prides itself on helping customers get answers as quickly as possible. With multiple customer service channels available, eero also offers users access to a wide range of self-help articles on their website for those looking for immediate answers.

As eero was investing a lot of time into building the Knowledge Base to better serve customers, the company was keen to find a solution that could help increase usage of their content to increase self-service for common questions. This would allow eero’s agents to spend less time on simple questions and focus on quickly delivering best-in-class support.

Boosting efficiency with self-service

After evaluating different options, eero chose Solvvy to implement a self-service layer to boost efficiency and satisfaction while freeing up agents to deal with complex inquiries. Jeff Chase, eero’s Content Strategist, says the company was impressed with Solvvy’s results-driven implementation, which helps customers find what they’re looking for before they submit a ticket.

Solvvy sits on both the help center home page as well as the contact form as a solution for customers to find Instant Answers. Solvvy combines machine learning algorithms and natural language processing technologies to understand what customers are asking and extract relevant information from the eero knowledge base. Before Solvvy, customers had to comb through articles submit a ticket and wait for a customer service agent to contact them. Now,  customers can find instant answers at their fingertips.

Differentiating with best-in-class customer experience

Solvvy has reduced eero’s form submitted customer service tickets by 45% on average, which has also helped boost the company’s NPS and CSAT scores. Elevating self-service adds value for the brand as an innovator and industry leader, and helps differentiate eero in the market. Plus, with simple questions being answered in the self-service channel, agents are free to troubleshoot complex issues without having to make customers wait, further boosting satisfaction and driving loyalty.

Providing immediate resolutions and always-on support

Solvvy was launched on eero’s contact form and after seeing initial success there, Solvvy was added to the help center home page to further increase visibility of a self-service option. Chase, says, “Working with Solvvy we’ve seen a lot of attention to detail, commitment to improving, and open communication. It feels like they’re invested in us as much as we are on them.” eero also appreciates that Solvvy works across platforms, which enables their customers to find help on mobile web and apps.”

According to Chase, “AI is an important piece of the future of support. Customers want to get answers as quickly as possible — but most importantly, those answers need to be accurate. Machine learning does both.” As more savvy WiFi users turn to the eero Whole Home WiFi System, Solvvy will be there to help them find the right answers fast so they can make the most of their WiFi, without having to wait.

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