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Fullscript is on a mission to help people get better through frictionless technology and personalized journeys.

How Fullscript Delivers Exceptional Support at Scale with AI Technology

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Fullscript is an online health and wellness company that creates supplement dispensing tools for practitioners and their patients. Their mission is to help people get better.

As a tech-first company, they were eager to explore the possibility of adding more automation to their customer experience—both to improve their customer journey and assist their support team as they scaled.

They turned to Solvvy as a partner to help them reduce headcount spend and offer a more robust support experience to their customers across time zones.


Challenges of scaling quickly

During the summer of 2021, when the pandemic forced many people to seek medical care and prescriptions online, Fullscript was growing—fast.

“We were having trouble keeping up with our inbound support volume,” says Rachel Montgomery, Knowledge Management Lead at Fullscript, “and we were growing at a rate where it was really difficult to keep agents.”

As a former support agent at Fullscript, she understood the demands of the job and how agents grew in their careers and moved to other roles in the company.

In addition, Fullscript had just merged with Natural Partners, a wholesale platform for practitioners to purchase in-office inventory. Fullscript’s ticket volume skyrocketed almost overnight.

At the time, they were using their CRM’s chatbot, which produced a self-service rate of just 4%. In an attempt to boost that rate, the support team was spending a lot of time creating custom articles with specific titles that corresponded exactly with customer questions. Montgomery suspected there was a better way to automate a large portion of their tickets and provide their practitioners and patients with a smoother path to quick resolutions.


Machine learning and a holistic approach

As a health and wellness company, Fullscript needed a sophisticated conversational tool that was secure and could help them fulfill their HIPAA obligations. “We were searching for a service that uses machine learning and intent recognition to surface answers for customers,” Montgomery says, “but we also wanted the ability to manually train against misfires as we came across them.”

Solvvy was the perfect fit.

Right from the start, the Solvvy team provided Montgomery and her team with a template for figuring out their common customer questions and problems. By analyzing the overall support burden, Solvvy helped the Fullscript team identify hot topics for self-service resolutions. That created the basis of their Solvvy Workflows, which adds efficiency by automating complex and time-consuming tasks through a series of predefined steps the customer completes through self-service. “The process brought to light those low-effort, high-impact opportunities we needed to focus on.”

Montgomery says she knew they’d learn a lot during the onboarding process, which is part of the reason they chose Solvvy. “We got a white-glove experience with Solvvy,” she says. “The team really went above and beyond for us,” she says. 

Initially, Fullscript saw a lot of success—their self-service rate quickly rose to over 50%. Montgomery was cautious, thinking those results would fade. Instead, their self-service rate went up over time to 60%.

Even as they prompted self-service with their customers, Montgomery says Fullscript wasn’t trying to make their agents inaccessible, but the opposite. Understanding that the best customer experience is a mix of instant resolutions and one on one support, they set up a “contact support” Workflow to seamlessly connect customers to agents when needed. 


“We got a white-glove experience when we onboarded with Solvvy. The team really went above and beyond for us.”

Rachel Montgomery, Knowledge Management Lead


Ticket spikes and new strategies

In the past, Cyber Monday was a hectic day at Fullscript for the support team. Former support agents, who moved to other roles, were often called back to help with the ticket spike. But with Solvvy, all that changed. On Cyber Monday, Solvvy helped maintain their 52% self-service rate, their average self-service rate at the time, despite the ticket volume more than doubling. 

Another benefit: the team analyzed what kinds of questions were being asked during the Cyber Monday promotion and plans to make sure things go even smoother this year. 

The Fullscript team also turned to Solvvy Analytics for insights on gaps in their Knowledge Base content. Then they started using Solvvy’s Coaching tool, to refine the answers Solvvy delivered to customers. About six months later, their self-service rate reached 60%.


“It’s reassuring to know that our customers are always supported and can get immediate answers any time they need us.”

Rachel Montgomery, Knowledge Management Lead


They reached that goal in part because of Solvvy’s Announcements feature, which they used to link to a marketing page with FAQs after acquiring Emerson Ecologics early in 2022.

And they’re planning to make improvements that should boost their self-service rate further, like pulling data from their API into Solvvy—such as order data and other detailed customer information.

“I’m excited to see what the impact of an API integration with Solvvy will be,” Montgomery says. “It’s reassuring to know that our customers are always supported and can get immediate answers any time they need us.”


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