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How GoFundMe Keeps their 5-Minute Response Guarantee for 25 Million Donors

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Executive Summary

GoFundMe is the world’s number one personal online fundraising platform, helping people raise money for everything from medical bills and emergencies to making movies and fulfilling wishes. Since launching in 2010, GoFundMe has helped individuals, groups, and organizations raise over $4 billion dollars from more than 25 million donors. With easy-to-use mobile tools, no penalties, deadlines, or goal requirements, and guaranteed protection for donors and beneficiaries, GoFundMe is changing the way the world gives.

“Meeting our 5-minute response promise is really, really hard. With so many moving pieces, we looked to Solvvy as a way to buffer against spikes in ticket volume. We were surprised at the deflection rate we got—it was much higher than we expected.”

Morgan Wood
Head of Customer Happiness

Emotions can run high around personal fundraising campaigns. Making sure users feel supported is a key differentiator for GoFundMe. That’s why they offer a 24/7 five-minute email response guarantee. However as GoFundMe’s popularity increased, support traffic grew, making its promise increasingly difficult to maintain for its Customer Happiness agents in San Diego and Dublin. To help resolve simpler tickets and free up agents to respond to more complex issues, GoFundMe turned to Solvvy to integrate self-service into its customer support.

Solvvy on the Front Lines

GoFundMe’s five-minute response guarantee is just one of many moving pieces in the company’s Customer Happiness puzzle. With agents already stretched to provide support around the clock, GoFundMe was looking to add an additional layer of support when ticket volumes spiked. It was during one of these spikes in February 2017 that they signed on with Solvvy to enable self-service for easier questions, which account for 10-15% of tickets.

Solvvy sits on GoFundMe’s “Contact Us” page and helps users find answers to common questions before submitting a support ticket. Solvvy uses natural language processing technology combined with machine learning algorithms to learn from the company’s knowledge base and offer relevant answers instantly, at scale. GoFundMe was surprised by how many tickets Solvvy helped them resolve—immediately following implementation they achieved a self-service rate of 20-30%.

Reducing customer support costs

Automating answers to the simplest customer support questions has enabled GoFundMe’s customer service to reduce costs and pass the savings on to the business as a whole. It’s also helped define new customer service KPIs, motivating the entire team to do better. As an added advantage, having access to Solvvy’s customer service ticket data has enabled GoFundMe to rethink its Help Center where customers are directed before they get to the Contact Us page. Now GoFundMe provides better information in the Help Center, which improves self-service rates too.

Scaling the support team

Solvvy has reduced the total number of GoFundMe customer service tickets by 20-30%, plus the percentage of “easy tickets” agents are handling went from 10-15% of overall tickets down to 1-5%. That means the company is getting more value for its customer service investment, as well as reducing the need for added headcount to keep up with growth. According to Morgan Wood, Head of Customer Happiness, the company’s five-minute response promise creates a “halo effect” for GoFundMe that elevates the company’s image and public trust. Solvvy has helped GoFundMe continue to deliver on this promise, solidifying a key competitive differentiator.

Earning trust as the #1 online fundraising expert

Solvvy continuously reindexes and learns from the knowledge base as the Customer Happiness Team makes updates to it. Going forward, GoFundMe expects its online fundraising platform to evolve and Solvvy to grow with it. They plan to test the impact of bringing Solvvy to the top of the Help Center to improve the speed and accuracy of responses through enhanced understanding of customer requests. As a leader in personal fundraising, GoFundMe is always looking to improve their customer experience and Solvvy is the perfect partner to deliver the best experience so they can keep helping people around the world meet their fundraising goals.

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