Hungryroot nourishes relationships with quick resolutions
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With Solvvy, Hungryroot's Customer Teams Find Time to Provide Better Service

Average Self-Service Rate
Reduction in First-Response Time
Ticket Reduction
Minutes to a Delicious Hungryroot Meal

Executive Summary

Healthy eating used to be seen as either very time consuming or a lackluster bowl of plain vegetables – both instances evoking eye-rolls, sighs, and a reason to order take-out. Hungryroot saw an opportunity to provide high-quality foods while putting an end to staring at the produce section wondering how to put together an exciting and healthy meal every day. Through an affordable, weekly subscription food service, customers can receive fresh ready-to-eat foods or simple to assemble recipes that are rich in protein, vitamins, complex carbs, and all those other good-for-you things that moms want you to eat. Take-out joints should take note. 

Hungryroot’s mission is to put nutritious food in the refrigerator as hassle-free as possible. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this concept is in high-demand across the country, and Hungryroot had to figure out how to accommodate new customers and answer the large volume of questions that came their way. After trying out different customer support software, Hungryroot brought on Solvvy to provide effortless and immediate responses to low-touch issues.


While Hungryroot welcomed rapid growth, scalability became a pressing issue for the Customer Experience team. Initially, Hungryroot support would handle issues on a first-in, first-out process, regardless of priority, to make sure everyone received a resolution in a timely manner. However, as a provider of perishable goods, Customer Experience knew it would be better to prioritize time-sensitive questions about order issues over more straightforward questions about pricing or ingredient options. 

Hungryroot first tried to scale customer support capabilities through Zendesk AnswerBot. Ashley Hayslett, Senior Customer Service Manager, remembered the experience as, “stand-offish like it was trying to get rid of customers”  while Hungryroot wants to provide positive and welcoming experiences. Not only did AnswerBot leave customers feeling pushed away, but it also wasn’t finding satisfactory solutions. For food delivery companies, accurate and easily accessible information is critical in retaining customers. “Food is incredibly personal. People have very personal questions about it – specific diets, allergies, things like that. I didn’t want people to feel like we were just pushing them off.”

“Solvvy really empowers our customers to help themselves and move on with their busy lives.”

Ashley Hayslett
Senior Customer Service Manager

The Solvvy Solution

Determined to expand bandwidth without the cost of hiring additional customer support agents, Hungryroot selected Solvvy to empower customers to help themselves and immediately find resolutions without waiting for an agent. The goal was to allow agents to move away from resolving tickets as they came in, regardless of urgency, to a system where agents could provide more significant support to a smaller number of urgent issues – something especially crucial to Hungryroot when bad weather affects shipments, and there is a sudden spike in tickets.

Solvvy currently sits on top of Hungryroot’s contact form and is available to assist customers at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend. Hungryroot was impressed by the increase in customer self-service rates and Solvvy’s ability to understand and respond to challenging issues despite the conversational nature of customer tickets.

Of course, Hungryroot still welcomes opportunities to provide high touch help to customers. In instances where Solvvy isn’t able to adequately resolve an issue, Solvvy quickly routes the customer to one of Hungryroot’s customer support agents  without the customer having to comb the website for contact information.

“Solvvy will serve up answers for whatever question I’m asking. No matter how strange or specific it is like ‘how much sodium is in this?’, ‘how much fat is in this?’ ,’ how many items do I get, what is the price?’”

Ashley Hayslett
Senior Customer Service Manager

Results and What's Next

Since implementation, Hungryroot has seen a 20% decrease in ticket volume and 30% reduction in first-response time. Hayslett believes that Solvvy is handling the same volume of tickets that at least one agent typically responds to in a week. 

Now with more bandwidth, Hayslett can build out a Customer Experience team that builds relationships with customers beyond simply resolving issues. Hayslett already sees long-term effects of this new approach, noting “it’s allowing us to build relationships with our customers who will stay longer and that’s what we really want.” Hungryroot also has implemented new support channels to connect with customers, including SMS and is investing in other platforms to develop and strengthen their growing community. 

Hungryroot has also been able to make updates on the website to preempt customer questions based on the data provided by the Solvvy dashboard. One of the most frequent questions was about pricing – an insight  Hungryroot was not able to see before implementing Solvvy. Using that knowledge, Hungryroot decided to list prices before customers even logged in to place an order, eliminating repetitive questions. With more predictive analytics, Hungryroot can anticipate what customers want before they ask – something their customers value immensely. 

Now Hungryroot is able to provide support in less time than it takes to check out at the grocery store or to place an order for pizza so that everyone can be happier and healthier. 

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