Weight Loss That Fits

How Lose It! Improved Self-Service Rates and Time to First Response

40% to 60%
Self-service rate improvement with Solvvy
Cost Savings due to immediate resolutions
Immediate Resolutions
KB Analytics leads to improvement of 200+ help center articles

Executive Summary

Lose It! is a leading digital health and fitness platform for everyday people. By delivering an easy, convenient, personalized program, Lose It! empowers people to achieve healthier lives and reach their weight-loss goals, regardless of age or lifestyle.

Hoping to allow users to self serve on common questions so customers could get back to using their product without waiting on the customer care team to reply, Lose It! partnered with Solvvy in early 2019. Since partnering, Solvvy has enabled them to: 

  • Support the company’s rapid customer growth without adding more  headcount
  • Implement an out-of-the-box automation and self-service solution without the need of engineering resources 
  • Focus on more challenging Tier 2 and Tier 3 support issues with Solvvy handling the basic ones
  • Measure their team and their help center’s effectiveness with analytics

Background Summary

Lose It! delivers a comprehensive personalized digital fitness platform to help people achieve their weight loss goals. Since its inception in 2008, 40 million Lose It! members have shed over 90 million pounds and the company’s app has gone on to be selected as Editor’s Choice in iTunes App Store and ranked as the top-grossing app in the Health & Fitness category.  From the early days, Lose It! strived to deliver an effortless customer experience and world-class support for all users even as the app gained in popularity. As a Freemium service, it was critical that the team figured out a way to scale their impact and deliver amazing experiences without burdening their support team.

Lose It!’s Customer Support team used Zendesk and first turned to Answer Bot, to help manage and curb their increasing email support volumes. When they weren’t overly satisfied with the experience or insights provided by the tool, they looked at other AI-powered solutions to increase self-service rates and landed on Solvvy – a virtually out-of-the-box solution that they could roll out quickly without needing to ask for scarce internal engineering resources.


Lose It! faced many challenges that fast-growing companies often face in their early stages. Customers loved their product, but they had a fast release schedule with changes being made on iOS and Android weekly. Their small support team was soon inundated with support requests and was spending most of their time on simple “Tier 1” issues rather than the more complex “Tier 2” and “Tier 3” tickets.

As they juggled the constant product updates and support tickets, the Customer Support team knew that regularly updating their Help Center and guiding customers to the right content was going to be critical. They were eager to see if their efforts were working, but lacked the visibility they needed. “We use a lot of the Zendesk features, but this was one area we found them to be super, super lacking. Not being able to tell us what articles were working, what articles weren’t working, how we could be more intelligent about what content we were surfacing for our users.” –  Whitney Klinkner, VP of Customer Care, Lose It!

The Solvvy Solution

Lose It! initially tested Zendesk Answer Bot and evaluated other intelligent self-service solutions, but Solvvy stood out and became a front runner because the platform allowed Lose It! to accomplish their goals of delivering world-class support to all of its customers, whether they paid for the service or not. 

Solvvy began working out-of-the box within weeks without any engineering resources. Lose it! was only 37 employees when they partnered with Solvvy and they didn’t want to dedicate their scarce engineering resources to install, train and maintain a solution. Fortunately, Solvvy’s machine learning solution  was able to integrate easily with Zendesk’s CRM and learn from Lose It!’s previous ticket data. In addition, Solvvy’s natural language processing made it possible to understand each customer’s true intent and extracts the relevant information from Lose It’s knowledge base when a question is asked.

“At the end of the day, Solvvy offers helpful content, which drives people back to using our product and doing what’s best for the company in terms of helping people lose weight, helping us convert people, and helping us grow our business. I don’t think our self-service would be in nearly as good a shape as it is without using this platform.” – Whitney Klinkner, VP of Customer Care, Lose It!

Lastly, Lose It! is a freemium service model and they have a ton of users who are customers without paying for the service. When the non-paying users have an issue, the customer care team would try to answer their questions as soon as possible, but their tickets would go to the back of the queue because they were non-paying customers. With their goal of providing an excellent customer experience to all of their customers, the team knew they’d need to look for a solution that was more effective than just adding headcount. 

Solvvy has allowed for all of Lose It!’s customers to resolve their issues quickly. By offering a world-class experience to every customer (both free and paid), they have been able to drive conversion to their premium model and this has, in turn, helped fuel Lose It!’s growth.

“Our company grew, our customer base grew, and we are down six percent in tickets YoY. That’s a great testament to the number of people that are able to utilize our self-service than they were able to previously before we partnered with Solvvy.”

– Whitney Klinkner, VP of Customer Care, Lose It!

Results and What’s Next

Since adding Solvvy, Lose It! was able to pursue a strategy of better efficiency and monetization without growing headcount or ticket volume. As their customer base grew and their company expanded, their ticket volume has actually decreased due to improved self-service and their headcount has remained flat. 

Solvvy gave LoseIt! insight into the gaps in their knowledge base and helped them identify commonly asked questions and the corresponding gaps in their KB content and answers. They’ve updated over 200 help articles based on Solvvy’s insights and their self-service rate has improved from 40% to 60% with Solvvy.

Going forward, the Lose It! Customer Care team is looking forward to implementing Solvvy’s automated workflows to further improve their customer experience and better educate their customers. For instance, a workflow might give users the option to shift to a different payment plan rather than cancel, if they so choose. As their partnership with Solvvy continues to grow, Lose It! will provide the best possible experience to all of their customers so they can continue to achieve their weight loss goals.

Achieved 40% self-service rate in four languages.
Nourishing relationships with quick responses.
Reduced First Response Time 28%