Tackling seasonal volume for the largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers

How Rover Stabilized Support Staffing with Intelligent Automation

Animal Sitters in North America
Ticket Volume Reduction
Person Support Team
Decrease in First Response Time

Executive Summary

Rover is the nation’s largest online pet marketplace of loving and trustworthy pet sitters and dog walkers.

“The impact was immediate. We saw self-service rates of 24% but the biggest impact was in first response times. Our first response time decreased from 23 hours to 6 hours.”

Morris Wong
Director of Customer Experience

Rover’s support team was struggling to keep up with seasonal ticket volume spikes. It decided to try Solvvy’s intelligent self-service platform with our 14-day free trial. The trial results were so impressive that Rover chose to partner with Solvvy and purchase the software.

In this case study, you will discover how Rover uses Solvvy to achieve incredible results including:

  • 24% reduction in contact form ticket volume
  • Decrease in average first response time from 23 hours to 6 hours
  • Stabilization of internal support staffing requirements

Managing seasonal ticket spikes during the holidays

Rover has 40 support reps handling 35K tickets per month. Its business is highly seasonal, with busy times during the summer and holiday season when people go on vacation and need someone to watch their dogs.

Quick implementation with immediate results

Rover moved forward with a free trial of Solvvy in November 2016 to keep up with Q4 ticket volume spikes. With a 20-minute phone call, Rover put Solvvy live in its contact form. After simply copy-and-pasting 2 lines of Javascript into its Zendesk Help Center, Solvvy was installed and immediately began answering customer questions. There were no technical skills required.

“It’s a no brainer to use Solvvy because there is a free trial with no upfront cost,” says Morris Wong, Director of Customer Experience at Rover.

Decreasing first response times by 75%

Rover immediately recognized benefits from Solvvy. The ticket volume on the contact form decreased by more than 20% overnight. But the biggest benefit was the decrease in average first response times. In December 2015, Rover had an average first response time of 23 hours. In December 2016, Rover decreased it to 6 hours. By self-servicing issues and getting resolutions to customers faster with Solvvy, Rover cut its average first response time by 75%.

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