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Executive Summary

Anyone who has purchased a new fragrance will recall the overwhelming number of spritzes that cloud the senses, the hefty price tag for a bottle that will last a long time, and the fear of picking the wrong scent. Since 2014, Scentbird has worked to streamline the fragrance purchase process, providing subscribers a 30-day supply of one designer fragrance to “try on” before committing. Leveraging thousands of scent profiles and customer reviews, subscribers can make informed choices about the fragrance that best fits their mood, personality, or occasion. 

Scentbird aims to provide a seamless shopping journey for every customer, but when subscriptions doubled over a short period, a partner was needed to ensure every customer continued to receive efficient and effective support. Scentbird brought on Solvvy to ease the challenges that come from scaling rapidly. Scentbird was ecstatic with Solvvy’s results, and now values the team behind the product as much as they value the solution.


As a perfume subscription box company, much of Scentbird’s support ticket volume stemmed from repetitive issues related to membership, billing, order fulfillment and shipping, and promotions. In the beginning before Solvvy, customers could directly contact customer support agents  for questions ranging from the simple “yes/no” to more complex and involved requests such as the right scent for their next big date. 

Shortly after launching, Scentbird experienced the happy problem of an exponential increase in subscriptions. While the company gladly welcomed new customers, the ability to scale customer support operations lagged, creating challenges  in their high growth. Scentbird quickly recognized that its customer support efforts could be better directed toward the more complex issues rather than answering a large volume of common, repetitive problems such as “what are my subscription options?” At the same time, Scentbird did not want customers to feel like their questions were a burden, but rather deliver an effortless experience related to their purchasing journey. 

“Solvvy’s integration is easy, implementation is easy, but the thing that really separates them is people behind the actual software and how we work with them.”

Steven Rivera, Director of Customer Experience

The Solvvy Solution

Scentbird partnered with Solvvy to implement a solution that would easily and quickly provide customers with resolutions, ensuring a more seamless experience. When it comes to subscription services, churn is a significant concern – however, when customers have their questions answered immediately, they are less likely to abandon their cart or cancel their subscription. With Solvvy, Scentbird aimed to increase self-service rates so customer support agents could dedicate their efforts toward questions that require a human touch, especially as more and more customers came to the door. 

Solvvy sits on every page throughout Scentbird’s website, providing customers an opportunity to ask for help at every stage of the online purchase – from browsing fragrance options, registration, billing, subscription confirmation, and on the FAQ page where customers can avoid parsing through every article. By leveraging the power of AI, Solvvy accurately interprets customers’ everyday, conversational language to deliver immediate resolutions. Providing accurate and immediate support to customers is crucial in the subscription industry – when customers look for answers but feel ignored or receive the wrong information, they are less likely to continue their subscription. 

“I am, very, very, happy with not only the tool but the team – the people behind everything.”

Steven Rivera, Director of Customer Experience

Results and What's Next

As a result of the partnership with Solvvy, Scentbird has achieved a 50% self-service rate and estimates that 100,000 customers have been assisted without contacting a customer support agent  directly. “When we read review feedback on our service, customers say ‘hey, you were able to answer my question immediately,’ and most of our agents say ‘but we never spoke to you, what do you mean?’” says Steven Rivera, Director of Customer Experience for Scentbird. But, Rivera can track issues that come through and “that’s when we get that light bulb moment where you’re like ‘wow’ so it really does have a direct impact.” 

Rivera says Solvvy has also been essential in identifying where Scentbird’s existing content  is not sufficiently answering a question, or where there is no answer to common concerns. “The customers are telling you what they want every single day. Or they’re telling you, or you’re failing at providing the information they want every single day. Solvvy can identify those information gaps and provide recommendations for how to improve our knowledge base.” 

Not only does Scentbird value the solutions Solvvy brings to its customers, but the company also finds immense value in the time and dedication Solvvy puts into the partnership. “One of the most refreshing things I have with working with Solvvy is when I meet with my team,” says Rivera, who considers his Solvvy team part of his own, “ any time we want to change anything on our site or with our Solvvy, it’s changed within a day or two, with vigorous testing and I can’t stress enough that the partnership is what we value the most.” 

For Scentbird, knowing they can take care of their customers makes business smell so much sweeter. 

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