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Scribd personalizes customer experience automation with Solvvy’s chatbot and workflows

30% to 58%
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Executive Summary

  • Scribd is a reading subscription service that offers access to the best ebooks, audiobooks, magazine articles, documents and more. Over a million people around the world subscribe to Scribd and the platform hosts over 100M unique visitors every month.
  • Solvvy Answers helps Scribd deliver amazing customer support with fewer agents while customers get 24-7 answers to common questions.
  • Solvvy Workflows automate the way Scribd addresses more complex requests like payment and subscription changes, further reducing ticket volume by 11%.
  • Since adding Solvvy in 2019, Scribd’s “self-service” rate has risen from 30% to 58% and the company enjoys a 5X ROI on their investment in Solvvy’s Platform all while achieving higher CSAT scores.

“I look at the Solvvy dashboard every day – if these tickets weren’t being automated by Solvvy, we’d be lost.

– Allison Carlson, Senior Manager of Customer Support, Scribd


With over 100 million users and 1 million subscribers, Scribd is the reading subscription service that aims to change the way the world reads. Scribd introduced the world’s first ebook reading subscription and has built its catalog to include audiobooks, magazine articles, sheet music, documents and more.  Today, Scribd hosts over one million premium titles and over 100 million documents, with new content being added everyday.


Scribd has seen significant growth over the last few years, which has resulted in an increase of support requests for Scribd’s team to handle. A surge like this can make it challenging to keep pace, especially when coupled with Scribd’s desire to provide best-in-class customer support experiences for both publishers and subscribers.

To address the excess demand, Scribd initially decided to outsource to a third party BPO, freeing up capacity for their in-house support team to focus on more complex issues. However, the process of training and managing a 3rd party proved to be cumbersome and results were mixed. When the Customer Support team wanted to explore chatbots and automated solutions to help reduce ticket volumes while providing a strong customer experience, one of Scribd’s technical specialists suggested Solvvy:

“When I joined Scribd, I looked at our volume and I thought, wow, Solvvy would be really useful. After some time we decided to start focusing on actively reducing our ticket volume and we started reviewing various vendors. Solvvy had the best solution to meet our collective needs.

Daniel Dobrzensky, Support Operations Technical Specialist, Scribd

Enter Solvvy

Solvvy’s next-gen chatbot rolled out in 2019, providing personalized, on-brand experiences for customers across multiple channels while delivering thousands of instant resolutions. In early 2020, Scribd experienced an enormous uptick in new user sign-ups. Solvvy was there to automate nearly 50% of the support requests from these new customers and help Scribd navigate this surge in growth without needing additional agent headcount. “I look at the Solvvy dashboard every day – if these tickets weren’t being automated by Solvvy, we’d be lost,” noted Allison Carlson, Senior Manager of Customer Support at Scribd.

Scribd users typically contact support through email or Facebook Messenger, and Solvvy has reduced support requests in both channels. Facebook Messenger users, in particular, would rapidly fire new support tickets to Scribd regardless of the issue or severity.  By integrating Solvvy, these customers are now intelligently routed to the correct information first to allow for self-service before involving an agent.

Solvvy Workflows: Bringing self-service to complex situations

In early 2020, Scribd’s business growth created increased support demands including more advanced questions around customer packages, subscription plans, and billing details. At first glance, these types of cases seemed far too complex to be handled without involving an agent. With Solvvy Workflows, Scribd was able to automate everything they needed. For instance, to process a cancellation and refund for a customer, Scribd first needs to authenticate an individual and understand how the initial purchase was made and can do so with Solvvy’s API integrations. For app store purchases, the user is routed seamlessly to either the App Store (for iOS users) or Google Play Store (for Android). For users that purchased through Scribd’s website directly, the automation is completed automatically using a Solvvy Workflow and any transactions are automatically triggered in Scribd’s billing system. In addition, the Scribd team is able to automatically identify “high value” customers in real-time and immediately get those customers on the phone with a retention specialist rather than using the ‘standard’ Solvvy Workflow.

Solvvy uses its core natural language processing and intent capabilities to identify the right issues and customer personas to determine when a workflow is triggered.  Solvvy’s team partnered with Scribd to set-up the workflows and API integrations to ensure a brilliant, on-brand customer experience. The results speak for themselves: 50% more Scribd customers are getting instant resolutions via self-service than before. Workflows have directly led to an 11% reduction in tickets per user and helped elevate Scribd to greater than a 5X ROI with Solvvy.

What's Next

In addition to being able to easily alter their subscriptions, request refunds, and solve their issues through automated self-service, the Scribd support team plans to continue  in their mission to deliver a world-class, brilliant customer experience. Moving forward, Scribd hopes to create new content in Spanish so they can utilize Solvvy to automate support issues for their many Spanish-speaking users. They’re also looking forward to partnering with Solvvy on additional automated Workflows and further reducing ticket volumes.

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