SeatGeek + Solvvy: The Best Thing to Level Up Any Support Team

See how Solvvy helped SeatGeek level up their support team by eliminating repetitive tickets through self-service and ultimately elevating their agent’s careers.

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Background Summary

When SeatGeek was founded in 2009 it was a “farecast for ticket events,” or a web service that would predict whether ticket prices for a concert or sporting event would rise or fall so the customer could buy at an optimal time. 

A decade later, SeatGeek has grown into the leading mobile ticketing platform, with tens of millions of app downloads and millions in transactions done on the platform each day. SeatGeek now works with some of the biggest brands in sports, from the Dallas Cowboys, to the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, to Manchester City FC. 

With the company’s incredible growth it has become increasingly important that it provides its customers with a world-class customer service experience, one that is hassle-free, efficient, and most of all, helpful. With this in mind SeatGeek started to evaluate AI customer support platforms to optimize their resources and improve their user experience.


With SeatGeek’s exponential growth in transactions, it faced a unique challenge: how to continue providing its industry-leading customer service without significantly driving up costs. Like many other companies who have seen strong growth, they looked at increasing headcount and chatbots, but neither captured the effortless experience that is core to everything SeatGeek. 

“We knew we didn’t want to direct customers to simple chatbots because ticketing issues can be quite complex and time sensitive, but we also wanted to help customers get answers faster than our staffing levels allowed.” – Jesse S. Holcomb, Senior Specialist of Scalability Solutions at SeatGeek. Since out-of-the-box chatbots weren’t the solution, SeatGeek instead turned to Solvvy, a next-gen chatbot solution to provide the best, most appropriate answer to their customers as swiftly as possible.

“Solvvy helps customers who are overwhelmed by help center articles or who have been burned by bad help center experiences in the past. Solvvy helped us optimize our help center and provide an effortless customer support experience.” 

Jesse Holcomb, Senior Specialist of Scalability Solutions

The Solvvy Solution

SeatGeek ruled out simple chatbots for their mobile ticketing platform because the technology couldn’t surface the correct answers to complex queries and would potentially frustrate customers. SeatGeek’s golden rule of CX is to provide customers the right answers to their questions as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. In the quest for the correct solution, the SeatGeek team discovered Solvvy and felt they found exactly what they were looking for.

What ultimately helped SeatGeek make the decision was that while Solvvy surfaces answers, it then allows customers to get in touch for more information in their preferred support channel. “Our team isn’t trying to stop customers from contacting us, but instead take them in, guide them to the correct answer, and send them back on their way as fast as possible so they don’t have to waste time,” said Jessee Holcomb, Senior Specialist of Scalability Solutions at SeatGeek.

Results and What’s Next

By leveraging Solvvy to guide their customers to the right article or correct support channel, SeatGeek has been able to stand out in an industry oftentimes associated with bad customer experiences. SeatGeek also has set their sights on changing their inbound channel mix to have more customers using live chat, as it achieves the goals of being the most efficient channel, as well as the one with the highest customer satisfaction and customer effort score. When Solvvy can’t answer a customer question, Solvvy Journeys guides customers to live chat. 

With Solvvy delivering a 60% self-service rate for contacts through the Help Center, SeatGeek has been able to scale more efficiently, keeping agent headcount relatively flat even as the business grows. As the impact of Solvvy increases, SeatGeek aspires to invest the saved time in the development of their teammates’ career trajectories by empowering them to step into investigating more challenging customer contacts. 

While the Solvvy and SeatGeek partnership has been successful, looking into the future and the broader vision of the partnership, both teams are excited to tackle the question, “What’s next?” “If we’re intercepting customers and guiding them to the right channel based on issue type or customer profile, what else can we do? Is there a way the help center could provide an opportunity for the users to engage with the product again?” Holcomb asked. These are the types of questions both teams are looking forward to tackling in the upcoming year, while continuing to provide SeatGeek users effortless customer experiences.

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