Practice Management Made Simple

SimplePractice Cuts Response Time in Half While Doubling Customers

Self-service rate increased from 3%
Response time cut in half
Achieved 97% CSAT while doubling user base
FAQ articles in their KB

Executive Summary

SimplePractice believes the work that health and wellness professions do is powerful and transformative – both for individuals and for the world. That’s why they created an online platform to make managing a health and wellness practice or business simple, so customers can spend more time doing important work with their clients. SimplePractice serves practitioners and professionals in a wide range of fields and specialties, from chiropractors and behavioral health counselors to Pilates instructors and nutritionists.

SimplePractice helps users go paperless with customizable templates for forms, notes, and assessments that are easy to use and meet strict HIPAA regulations. Users can also manage client scheduling and communications, process billing, and payments, and even handle insurance needs with ease and simplicity. SimplePractice is helping health and wellness professionals manage and grow their practices wherever they go.

“We quickly found out that Solvvy is easy to use, requires minimal setup and management, and Solvvy’s team is not only amazingly responsive but also incredibly accommodating.”

Laura Teichmiller,
Knowledge Systems Manager

SimplePractice provides cloud-based practice management tools users can access online or via their mobile app. When the company’s customer base started to grow, they needed a way to offer top quality support while also making smart choices for their expanding team. This meant finding a solution that would make it easy for customers to find answers around both common questions and complex workflows, without wasting valuable time. And because privacy is key in the health and wellness field, building customer trust was also crucial.

SimplePractice first looked to increase self-service using AnswerBot because it was an easy integration through their Zendesk CRM. But the results were disappointing—not only was the self-service rate low, in some cases the solution provided customers with the wrong answers. SimplePractice turned to Solvvy to implement a more efficient, accurate, and satisfying self-service solution to support their customers and help them scale their growing business.

Solvvy helped SimplePractice management software transform its customer support experience:

• Enabling fast, effective self-service out of the box

• Helping users understand complex workflows

• Increasing their CSAT & NPS scores

• Efficiently scaling to meet rising demand

“Our platform is very nuanced, so to see our self-service rate reach about 50% and stay there shows what a great investment Solvvy is for our team and for our customers. But even better is the true partnership we have with Solvvy.”

Laura Teichmiller,
Knowledge Systems Manager


As the name suggests, SimplePractice simplifies the management side of running a health and wellness practice, including complex tasks like insurance billing and payment allocation. Many of the company’s support questions are around these complex issues. “We’ve always known we have a fantastically intuitive platform for health and wellness professionals,” says Laura Teichmiller, Knowledge Systems Manager at SimplePractice, “but our customers need to know how to best use our system to meet their needs. They also need to know that they can trust us to provide them answers quickly and accurately.”

SimplePractice initially tried AnswerBot because it seemed like an easy solution. “But we soon found out it was neither easy nor beneficial for our customers,” says Teichmiller. AnswerBot requires significant training, which the SimplePractice team was not in a position to dedicate time to. “The best self-service rate we saw in a month with AnswerBot was 3%. And even though the correct answers were often in our Help Center, it was rare for AnswerBot to pull the right answers—even for easier questions.” With a growing number of users submitting a growing number of questions, SimplePractice needed a better solution.  

The Solvvy Solution

The SimplePractice team enlisted Solvvy to see what it could do, and was immediately impressed. Right out of the box, Solvvy was able to lift the company’s self-service rate exponentially. SimplePractice management software already had comprehensive Help Center resources in place, including over 400 published articles and an extensive library of videos. With Solvvy, customers can now find exactly what they’re looking for. According to Teichmiller, “Solvvy empowers our customers to seamlessly self-serve straight from our platform, and get answers tailored to their exact needs.”  

Solvvy sits on the SimplePractice Help Center page as well as in a customizable widget that customers can access from within their account. Users can ask questions in their own words and get fast, accurate answers, not only directing them to the right article, but to the exact section with the information they need. This is particularly helpful for issues around client billing and the Client Portal, which each account for 24% of self-service questions. Solvvy also helps customers walk through more daunting tasks such as troubleshooting billing discrepancies, insurance billing, and even creating custom notes and forms from scratch.

“We regularly hear through our Facebook community NPS and CSATs how much our customers love and appreciate the different ways we provide them with support, the helpfulness of our resources, and how quickly they can find answers. That wouldn’t be possible without Solvvy.”

Laura Teichmiller,
Knowledge Systems Manager

Results and What’s Next

According to Teichmiller, “In the first month and with no training whatsoever, Solvvy was able to lift our self-service rate from 3% to 18.9%.” Once she was able to dedicate just three hours a week to training the solution, that number climbed to 41.5%. One year in, the self-service rate is now holding strong at nearly 50%. “It’s just been mind-blowingly phenomenal,” says Teichmiller.

Since implementing Solvvy, SimplePractice has doubled its customer base from 15,000 to over 35,000. And although the quantity of Solvvy submissions has grown along with the user base—they receive around 15,000 questions per month—they have cut their median first response time by over 60%, from 6.4 hours down to 2.4. The SimplePractice team has also grown significantly, and they have managed to scale effectively for their customers. “Without Solvvy, our agents would be working around the clock and customers would be waiting for answers to even simple questions—we wouldn’t be living up to our name!” In addition to lifting SimplePractice’s self-service rate, Solvvy has also helped the company improve its already impressive CSAT scores by 18% to a whopping 97%.

Looking ahead, SimplePractice plans to launch Solvvy’s mobile SDK to serve the growing number of users accessing their accounts via their mobile app—and nearly all of SimplePractice’s customers use the mobile app. SimplePractice recently launched a related brand called SimplePractice Learning and plans to launch multiple other brands in the near future. They’re excited to give each of them dedicated access to Solvvy, too. “And of course we’re sure Solvvy will continue to scale with us,” says Teichmiller, “allowing us to seamlessly serve more and more customers while helping to build relationships with them and building their trust in us.” Sounds like a prescription for customer support health and wellness.

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