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How TaskRabbit’s team successfully expanded support to 20 new cities

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Executive Summary

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace where you can hire skilled taskers to help with everyday chores. The company is promptly adding new cities, keeping in line with its mission of creating new jobs across the country. Having spent more than 350,000 hours running errands around town, spanning over 6,500 miles from San Francisco to New York and back, and climbing in excess of 4 million stairs moving furniture – TaskRabbit is truly revolutionizing everyday work with its on-demand model.

“Solvvy is great for improving First Contact Resolution because it gives our customers fast, reliable, and accurate answers. We’re beating our goals.”

Yael McCue
Customer Support Leader

With their customers demanding fast, reliable service and accurate answers, TaskRabbit’s support department was struggling to keep up with customer expectations. Tasked with fixing their customer problems “now,” with a limited support staff, TaskRabbit turned to Solvvy in November 2016 to provide an effortless self service experience for its customers. After a successful pilot, the SaaS solution went live, and the results were impressive:

  • 28% self-service rate 
  • 8% increase in CSAT survey scores
  • Significant improvement in First Contact Resolution
  • Scaled support to 20 new cities

Tackling high volume with a lean team

TaskRabbit has a two tiered support system comprising of only a handful of frontline agents and specialists. A lean team of seven agents and seven specialists across the United States and United Kingdom services on average: 1,500 inbound emails, 900 inbound chats requests,and a few hundred phone calls every single week. This adds up to 150,000 support tickets on an annual basis. What further complicates the equation for the online marketplace are growing customer expectations. Its users demand speedy, reliable service and accurate answers to their questions.

Putting Solvvy on the frontlines

After a successful trial, TaskRabbit incorporated Solvvy in November 2016. Solvvy seamlessly integrated with Zendesk, their enterprise CRM. Two lines of code did the trick; there was absolutely no engineering effort required. TaskRabbit replaced its support email addresses with a contact form. Solvvy sat at the frontlines of support and provided instant resolutions, before a user submitted a ticket. It answered complex customer questions by curating and presenting the most concise and relevant solution snippets.

This was powered by Solvvy’s proprietary technology that combines machine learning algorithms and natural language processing technologies to understand, index and provide the right solutions – from the company’s knowledge base and prior customer interaction logs – at speed and scale.

Recently, TaskRabbit set up a global help center merging the US and the UK operations and subsequently, Solvvy was rolled out to UK customers as well.

Moving the needle with immediate resolutions

Yael McCue calls “First Contact Resolution” one of the best KPIs to track as it leads to increased customer satisfaction ratings. Solvvy’s self-service solution greatly improved TaskRabbit’s first contact resolution by providing relevant answers to customer questions.

In fact, 28% of all inbound support tickets received an instant resolution through Solvvy – typically within a minute! In April 2017, 31% of positive customer satisfaction reviews received by TaskRabbit cited speed of resolution as their reason for rating their support experience positively.

Contact volume on frequently asked questions drastically went down as more and more people got their issues resolved immediately. The reduced ticket volume resulted in huge cost savings and improved ROI for the company.

After deploying Solvvy, implementing process improvements and restructuring service teams, TaskRabbit saw an 8% increase in CSAT survey scores.

TaskRabbit views Solvvy as an important part of its customer service strategy as it helps their team deliver on the goal of improving the customer experience while also improving its operational efficiency.

As the online marketplace continues to expand to new cities and locations, and ticket volume naturally grows, Solvvy is supporting its ambitious growth plans by elevating the overall customer service experience.

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