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TeamSnap Changes the Customer Support Game with Solvvy

Self-service rate through Solvvy
Revenue growth without increasing agent headcount
20 million
User base supported by Solvvy
Less ticket growth

Executive Summary

TeamSnap takes the hassle out of organizing team sports so coaches, commissioners, parents, and players can focus more on the sport and less on administration. Founded by an eclectic group of sports-lovers including social scientists, an improv comedian, and an oil field engineer, the company believes in the power of community – and the power of their product, which is as easy to use as it is helpful.

TeamSnap gives organizers on multiple levels a single place to keep all the information they need surrounding teams, players, and activities. TeamSnap’s sports team management app makes it easy to manage registration, rosters, scheduling, communications, and do things like share photos or collect fees, all in an intuitive UI designed to save time. With a range of plans and service levels available, TeamSnap is changing the team sports management game for organizations across the country.

“We needed an off-the-shelf solution to help us handle the low-hanging customer issues, but we wanted answers delivered in a customer-friendly way. Solvvy helped us do both.”

Ashley Cayla,
Customer Experience Operations Manager

TeamSnap provides simple but smart team sports management tools users can access online or via their mobile app. Prior to Solvvy. they had a dedicated customer support email address with an in-house support team for both team users and sports organizations. With a 60% annual growth and a user base of over 20 million, TeamSnap needed a way to support the increasing number of users without driving up costs or sacrificing customer satisfaction.

When TeamSnap started looking for a readymade solution to increase self-service, they first tried Zendesk AnswerBot. While the bot offered an easy integration through Zendesk Support, it was providing customers with a link to articles which they then had to read in full to find what they were looking for. As TeamSnap’s CSAT score fell by 20 points, they heard about Solvvy. Looking for a more accurate and efficient way to enable self-service, they ran a free trial – and were sold on the results.

Solvvy helped TeamSnap transform its customer support experience by:

  • Delivering precise answers quickly and accurately
  • Deflecting simpler questions from the email queue
  • Allowing efficient scaling without increasing headcount
  • Supporting deprecation of email on the team side

“Through our partnership with Solvvy, we’ve expanded Help Center participation and kept our headcount and overall support efficiency right on par. It’s been incredibly successful for us.”

Jennifer Steinker,
Customer Experience Manager


The TeamSnap team understands the importance of helping customers find answers fast. Support is separated by product segment: teams and sports organizations. On the organization side, support issues tend to be more complex, which is why TeamSnap offers chat in addition to the Help Center and email. On the team side, agents were being inundated with repetitive “how do I” questions around things like setting up an account, resetting a password or user ID, and setting schedules or assigning tasks, which left them stretched to answer the more complex tickets that require hands-on help. And with most queries coming directly to the dedicated email, in many cases, they first had to find out which team the user was with, which added an extra step and slowed down resolution time. They needed a faster way to serve up repetitive answers accurately.

“What really interested us about Solvvy was that it pulled different snippets of information from the Help Center instead of making customers click on a link and sending them to a full article to read,” says Amy Teten, Vice President of Customer Experience at TeamSnap. “That was impacting our CSAT as we trialed other options, where adoption was substantially lower because the customer had to go through so much more effort.” It was time to speed things up.

The Solvvy Solution

Solvvy sits on the TeamSnap Help Center page and allows users to type questions in their own words and then directs them not just to the right article, but points them straight to the right section within that article. According to April Eastburn, Customer Experience Manager for Sports Organizations, “Solvvy helps our customers get answers to their questions faster. They’re able to get in there, get what they need, and get on their way.” For the simple, transactional type questions that make up the bulk of the team-side customer support as well as a percentage of organizational-side support, Solvvy allows users to self-serve – they no longer need to wait for an email response.

For users who can’t find what they’re looking for, Solvvy submits a ticket to the TeamSnap support team that includes all of the information they entered while trying to self-serve. This allows agents to answer them quickly without asking the customer to repeat the information they’ve already provided, saving time and frustration on both sides. Solvvy also helps agents understand where a customer is when they’re running into an issue by showing a different colored “Help” button on team pages and organizational pages. “It’s actually really helpful when they’re contacting us because they can tell us what color they’re seeing, so then we know where they are on the platform and why they might be seeing something different,” says Eastburn.

“One of the things that’s been really illuminating for us after a year with Solvvy is the gap between success on the team side versus the sports org side. That’s created an interesting internal dialogue about how far we can take self-service for the more complex organizations with very different expectations, and created some great discussions around our product and where we want to take it. One thing I know for sure – wherever TeamSnap goes next, Solvvy will be right there with us.”

Amy Teten,
Vice President of Customer Experience

Results and What's Next

After implementing Solvvy in March of 2018, TeamSnap was able to handle both growth and the fall 2018 seasonal upswing without increasing their headcount or hurting their CSAT. In fact, their actual support ticket growth was just 50% of what they had projected, thanks to customers embracing Solvvy’s self-service offerings. The company has achieved a 55% self-service rate on the team side, which has improved the experience for both users and agents. While handle time has increased slightly, agent satisfaction is up because they’re handling more challenging customer issues and feeling the impact of their efforts. The partnership with Solvvy has also allowed TeamSnap to experiment with new ways of engaging the customer experience team including adding a Subject Matter Expert program, which allows agents to use each other as a resource when they get stuck, and a Knowledge-Centered Service program that allows agents to create or update content based on the tickets they’re handling for continual improvement.

TeamSnap has also been revamping their Help Center with the help of Solvvy, which helps them identify content gaps and areas for improvement, leading to higher resolution rates. And perhaps most significantly, the company removed their support email on the team side. According to Teten, “That was a big risk for us in terms of CSAT, but we tried to mitigate that risk by proactively putting out communications explaining the change. Thanks to Solvvy, we were able to make that leap without impacting our CSAT—that was a big win.”

Looking ahead, TeamSnap plans to implement more personalization, with Solvvy narrowing down what users see when they search based on where they are in the app and what their role is. The company is also focusing on enabling organizational users to self-serve efficiently. In addition to building out the Help Center, they’re working on training Solvvy to learn the different names used in various sports and locations, sometimes for the same things.

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