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Executive Summary

Since its founding in 2010, Turo has grown rapidly and is now the world’s largest peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace. Turo currently boasts over 14 million members with more than 450,000 vehicles listed and is available in 5,500 cities. Travelers choose from a vast selection of cars from trusted hosts around the world, while car owners earn hundreds of dollars or more in additional income.  

Back in 2017, Turo was still scaling quickly – really quickly, but an innovative concept and sleek user interface aren’t enough to fuel the success that Turo was having. The only way to continue their growth story would be to provide world class customer experience and support – and this they deliver. They were looking for a solution that could help them continue to accomplish these goals and scale efficiently while doing so. Turo turned to Solvvy.


Turo is a hyper-growth company with an influx of new users. When customers first join a platform such as Turo, they tend to ask a lot of quick and easy questions that can be self-serviced. Customers loved contacting support via chat, but Turo’s support team was flooded with high chat volume that they couldn’t keep up with. 

Customers were contacting support via chat for complex and time-sensitive issues that would be better handled over the phone. Rather than routing customers to different support channels, Turo was looking for a solution that could guide their customers to the best channel based on their various issue types and provide effective answers to their customers.

The Solvvy Solution

Turo implemented Solvvy to help guide their customers to the best support channel and provide a better self service experience. Before Turo partnered with Solvvy, they offered their phone number on the top of their support page, making it very easy for users to contact the support team via phone. With Solvvy, customers can now find the answers to their questions quickly, without wasting time contacting an agent via phone or browsing through support pages looking for an answer.

Turo customers can select their issue type and based on the nature of their question, Solvvy is able to route them to the correct support channel. For more complex issues, such as when a customer needs roadside assistance, Solvvy presents them with the number to dial for immediate support. For less complex issues like billing or to submit feedback, Solvvy will direct the customer to chat. 

Solvvy sits on every page of the support section, using the power of machine learning and natural language processing to provide immediate resolutions to the issues that both hosts and guests on Turo’s platform are experiencing, all with little to no customer effort.  

“Solvvy definitely makes it easier for customers because it doesn’t just tell them what support article to look at, but it shows the specific section of the support article that are most relevant to their question. So that saves customer time and effort and you know, people want things that are easier. The easier you make it for customers, the happier they are.” –  Khalid Alali Senior Business Operations Manager at Turo.

In addition to the Solvvy product suite, the Solvvy team is able to work hand in hand with Turo to understand their business needs, leverage the power of the Solvvy Dashboard and provide insights to improve their knowledge base and find solutions to their challenges. The partnership with Solvvy has enabled Turo to deliver a great customer experience to their growing customers as they have scaled rapidly.

“It’s always been a pleasure to work with the Solvvy team. They’re looking out for us and actually understand our business needs and work with us to find solutions to our challenges.”

Khalid Alali, Senior Business Operations Manager

Results and What’s Next

Since implementing Solvvy, Turo has realized hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings and Solvvy has instantly resolved nearly 300,000 customer issues and counting! As Turo has scaled rapidly, they’ve been able to keep support costs down by keeping the size of the customer support team relatively stable. Not only has Turo been able to keep costs down as they have scaled, they’ve also been able to provide a reliable customer experience to their end users. 

“If you’ve ever tried to use a chatbot or tried to reach out to an outsourced human service with various companies, the results of your experience are really variable. Solvvy is a reliable way to get the answer that you’re looking for quickly.” says Khalid Alali, Senior Business Operations Manager at Turo. 

Beyond the measurable results, Turo has been able to identify opportunities in their customer experience strategy with the help of the customer success team and Turo is currently exploring more opportunities to guide customers to the right support channel with Solvvy Journeys and working closely with the Solvvy team to identify these instances. 

The Turo and Solvvy teams plan to partner into the future to continue to deliver amazing customer experiences. At the end of the day, Turo’s service goal is to make it as easy for their users to resolve their issues as it is to rent a car anywhere at anytime. 

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