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The Leading Photo-Editing App for Gen Z

Founded in 2011, VSCO is a photography mobile app for iOS and Android devices that enables creators to create beautiful work using a host of preset filters and editing tools. VSCO supports the creative journey from start to finish — not only providing photographers with powerful and easy-to-use tools, but also with the education, community, and connections required to unlock their potential. VSCO users support each other in a way that goes well beyond the ‘likes’ and superficial interactions found in many other online forums.

VSCO’s customer base has soared with the meteoric rise of both smartphone adoption and photo-driven social networks such as Instagram. VSCO believes that ‘expression matters most’ and its brand and product have really resonated with next-gen creators, particularly “Gen Z”  who make up 75% of their community and are highly active with the app.

“We’ve seen a huge reduction in our ticket volume and our satisfaction has been really high with Solvvy.

– Erik Fortin, Product Operations Lead at VSCO

A Strong Partnership with Great Results

The team at VSCO is focused on delivering great experiences for customers. Several years ago, the team identified that Gen Y and Gen Z users were increasingly seeking product and customer support online rather than using traditional channels like email or phone. These customers were used to apps with great design and amazing customer experiences. VSCO turned to Solvvy’s next-gen chatbot for assistance. Solvvy delivers fast, accurate answers and an ‘on-brand’ experience 24-7-365. VSCO’s results speak for themselves: VSCO now has a self-service rate (the percentage of total support volume that results in an instant Solvvy resolution) of over 60% and a corresponding annual cost savings of $250,000. In the last 12 months alone, Solvvy has helped VSCO resolve over 80,000 customer questions and issues.

Insights: Taking Customer Support to the Next Level

Erik Fortin and Kyle Hale from VSCO’s Product Operations team are focused on ensuring VSCO effectively manages the support volumes and keeping the turnaround time strong for a first-rate customer experience. They have witnessed the success and continued innovation of Solvvy over the last few years and are excited about what’s coming next. “We’ve seen a huge reduction in our ticket volume and our satisfaction has been really high with Solvvy,” noted Erik.

The team at VSCO has watched the Solvvy technology and user experience continuously improve and have nothing but praise for Solvvy Insights, the platform’s dashboard, reporting, and analytics capabilities which underpin it’s next-gen chatbot and automation platform. “I’ve used Insights quite a lot and it’s really intuitive,” noted Erik. “The reports make it easy to spot and analyze data trends. Category Insights pinpoint the types of issues that are arising most frequently so you can take action.”

“The entire Workflow probably took me maybe an hour to build. It’s intuitive, easy to use. You’ll have success out the gate with it.

Kyle Hale, Sr. Product Operations Specialist at VSCO

Custom Workflows Provide Personalized Support at Scale

Recently, Solvvy Insights was able to help the VSCO team identify an issue that was impacting a group of customers who had created multiple logins. VSCO was able to create a new category in Solvvy to more effectively identify and route those questions to the right support channel so they could be resolved quickly. 

Not satisfied to stop there, however, VSCO used Solvvy’s Workflow Builder to build their own custom multi-step, self-service flow to provide a more personalized solution. When a customer chats with Solvvy, the platform is able to detect this particular issue through Natural Language Processing (evaluating the words a customer types) or via the customer choosing a Smart Suggestion button in the chat window. Solvvy then triggers the right Workflow to start and the chatbot asks the customer a series of questions created by VSCO to help narrow down the issue and provide the correct instructions for self-troubleshooting. If the customer is still unable to work through the issue on their own, Solvvy can smoothly hand them off to an agent.  

The VSCO team built this first Workflow completely on their own using Solvvy’s Workflow Builder. No coding or engineering help is required with Workflows, and Kyle was able to hit the ground running and complete his work in no time, without any formal training. “I had no problems,” he explained. “The entire Workflow took me maybe an hour to build. It’s a good interface that’s intuitive, easy to use. You’ll have success out the gate with it.” The Workflow is handling a significant percentage of VSCO’s inbound volume and has been extremely successful – with a whopping 75% self-service rate and many satisfied creators.



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