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When it comes to caring for their beloved best friends, pet owners turn to Wag! and the platform’s more than 150,000 vetted businesses or “Pet Caregivers” for critical support. Wag! is a thriving pet care services app that connects pet owners – “Pet Parents,” as they’re known – with Pet Caregivers in all 50 states and across more than 4,600 cities. For busy Pet Parents, Wag! offers the convenience of finding and booking high-quality pet care completely from the Wag! App and the comfort of knowing that Pet Caregivers on the Wag! Platform are carefully vetted and able to handle virtually any task – from walks to training to overnight care and vet advice. Since launching in 2015, Wag! has built a trusted record of experience with over 11 million pet care services rendered and still counting. 

“Solvvy put the solution right into the hands of our Pet Parents so that they can get the self-service they want and communicate with the Pet Caregivers without us having to be the middle-man.

David Cane, Vice President of Customer Success and Trust and Safety, Wag!

Customer Support Opportunities

Wag! is an on-demand pet care services app that places booking services directly in the hands of its users and, originally, the company did not offer a simple, automated way for these users to resolve issues. Pet Parents and Pet Caregivers alike would reach out to Wag! to speak with a customer support agent over the phone or through an email exchange, both of which resulted in slower than desired resolution times. “Our users didn’t want to have to call or email us,” noted David Cane, Vice President of Customer Success and Trust and Safety at Wag!.  “Our users wanted the ease of an intuitive system that delivered services and solutions at the push of a button.”

The Wag! Support Team regularly saw Pet Parents and Pet Caregivers reaching out with inquiries that the team knew could be quickly and easily solved through simple customer education. Customers frequently contacted the team to ask basic product functionality questions or because they weren’t aware of a particular feature that could assist them. For example, Wag! offers a way for Pet Parents to book follow-up sessions and communicate again with their current (and often favorite) pet caregiver. However, many users were unaware of this feature’s existence, so Pet Parents would cycle back through the app to book a service, not knowing if they would again be paired with a previous caregiver, and would eventually contact the customer support team for assistance. 

“Our overall self-service rate has a combined average of about 44% between our two customer bases, Pet Parents and Pet Caregivers. Prior to our partnership with Solvvy, there was no self-service.

David Cane, Vice President of Customer Success and Trust and Safety, Wag!


The Solvvy Partnership

Wag! partnered with Solvvy to implement a solution that would intuitively and quickly provide Pet Parents and Pet Caregivers with the education they needed – empowering them to use key features and helping them resolve issues quickly without contacting customer support. Built into the native Wag! app, Solvvy provides a seamless customer experience that doesn’t feel like customers are bouncing from one app or platform to another. “In some apps, customers might start in one place with a certain experience, then get transferred to another bot that feels and looks like something different.” Cane said. “We want this to feel like a consistent experience. And with Solvvy, we were definitely able to do that.”

With Solvvy, Wag! knew they were embracing an added level of customer support that wouldn’t make Pet Parents and Pet Caregivers feel like they were interacting with an unintelligent, non-personalized chatbot. Solvvy’s personalized approach means it first identifies whether a user is a Pet Parent or Pet Caregiver before guiding them to the appropriate answer based on their inquiry. This allows Wag! to deliver 2 (or more) responses to the exact same question results depending on the attributes of the customer that’s asking.

By adding Solvvy, Wag! quickly went from no self-service option at all to a combined average self-service rate of 44% – in other words, nearly half of the questions that would have gone to Wag’s support team previously are now being effectively handled by Solvvy. The ease of Solvvy has proven effective for both Wag! users and the company’s support team alike. “Nearly half of the issues that we had, Solvvy has taken the brunt of them and is putting the answers back in the Pet Parents’ and Caregivers’ hands,” Cane said, “and that is exactly what they want. Our customers are busy people and Solvvy shares the right information with them directly, so the problem is solved in a matter of seconds, and they can go about their day.”

“With Solvvy being as intuitive as it is, it very easily delineates a safety issue and routes people to the proper channel.

David Cane, Vice President of Customer Success and Trust and Safety, Wag!


Personalized Workflows & Journeys

Wag! has also set up several of Solvvy’s automated, low-code Workflows and was able to do so quickly – under an hour without engineering support.  These are personalized journeys triggered off of conditional input provided by customers.  For instance, many Pet Parents inquire about credit card pre-authorizations and charges on their accounts.  The Solvvy workflow is able to detect this particular “intent” and then ask a series of questions that is synced with the Wag! Finance Department.  Depending on the answers provided to Solvvy, Wag! can activate an automated process to cancel a pending authorization or duplicate charge without the need of human intervention. What would have taken up to three to five business days in the past, can now be resolved in five minutes or less. 

While self-service of many questions and issues was certainly a goal of Wag! partnering with Solvvy, the company also believes that some cases are best handled by a real agent. Wag! wants to ensure it upholds its high trust and safety guarantees for customers should an issue arise. “We don’t always want people to self-service,” Cane said. “We service people coming to your house. So, we don’t want a bot to handle a real-time safety issue, for instance. That’s something a customer needs to talk to someone about.”  Fortunately, Solvvy includes intelligent routing (or Journeys) and allows customers to configure it based on a host of different variables including channel availability, time of day, the persona of the customer asking the question, the type of question, and more. “With Solvvy being as intuitive as it is, it very easily delineates a safety issue and routes people to the proper channel,” Cane concluded.

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