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Navigating human resources and payroll can be difficult for businesses of all sizes, but staying on top of rapidly changing regulations and evolving workplaces is particularly challenging for  small and midsize companies who don’t have the luxury of employing full HR departments. That’s where Zenefits comes in. 

Zenefits provides HR, benefits, and payroll software and services catering to small and midsize companies – helping them streamline their onboarding, PTO, performance, compensation, engagement, and more. Founded in 2013, Zenefits has seen its SAAS HR solution adopted by thousands of businesses with hundreds of thousands of employees. To bolster customer demand,  the team at Zenefits set out to scale their support in an intelligent and personalized way. They turned to Solvvy to help with that goal. 

Growth and Support Challenges

The complexity of the HR function and the reality that many small businesses don’t have dedicated or experienced people operations professionals, provided Zenefits with a great market need, and a good deal of customer need too. The Zenefits team received a high volume of questions from HR administrators and their employees alike: When is my insurance effective? How do I onboard a new employee? How do I view my paystub?

“When a company has 500 employees, they’re likely to have a full HR staff and somebody in charge of answering questions,” described Travis Partridge, Senior Director of Customer Experience at Zenefits. “At a 10-15 person company that Zenefits might support, the HR administrator ends up being the CEO or another officer. Since researching and answering HR questions often isn’t the best use of a company officer’s time, Zenefits understandably receives quite a high volume of inquiries.” This high volume of inquiries is what drove Zenefits to explore technology to help ensure they could deliver top-tier service to customers and their employees efficiently at scale. 

To try and address their customers’ support needs, Zenefits crafted a robust knowledge base and support landing page where their users could seek out the solution to whatever problem was facing them. When a question arose, users would enter a decision tree on the Zenefits’ support page. Based on the user inquiry or selections, the process would ultimately suggest a help center article (that would need to be combed through for the requisite answer) or guide them to contact support through email, chat, or phone. 

While this was a great first step in enabling customer self-service, this solution didn’t eliminate the logjam of support tickets, as it still required users to dig through articles for the information they were seeking. In addition, the Zenefits support page existed outside of their platform, so if a question arose while a customer was working within their application, it required the customer to navigate away from their current task. The Zenefits team wanted to deliver a seamless, integrated support experience for users and sought out an even better solution.

“We can use the data and insights from Solvvy to hone our knowledge base content and improve workflows to make things even easier for customers.

– Travis Partridge, Sr. Director of Customer Experience, Zenefits

Solvvy's Solution

The support challenges faced by Zenefits led them to explore a number of virtual agents and chatbots, but Solvvy’s complete chatbot & automation platform struck the right chord with the Zenefits’ decision makers. Solvvy’s advanced natural language processing and machine learning enabled Zenefits to address customer inquiries using their existing support content.  It also provided a more customized experience for each user and routed complex problems to live support agents. By pairing Solvvy’s AI capabilities with Zenefits’ existing platform and support team, Solvvy offered the solution Zenefits needed to take support to even higher levels.

Improve Customer Experience

By effortlessly integrating Solvvy’s chatbot into their platform, Zenefits was able to conquer one of the biggest problems created by their previous customer support set-up. Instead of requiring  users to exit their current Zenefits page and open a separate support landing page, Solvvy’s chatbot was placed as a widget directly in the bottom corner of the Zenefits platform. This allowed users to answer questions without getting derailed while working on critical payroll or HR tasks. Zenefits was even able to enable self-service for more complex questions, like responding to the receipt of a tax notice from the IRS, with this integrated, automated support option.

Leverage Existing Content & Training

A strength of Zenefits’ established customer support process was their robust support content library. Rather than having to rebuild all of this content, maintain it in multiple systems going forward, and enter a ton of keywords for each article to ‘train’ the chat interface to work properly, Solvvy was able to take on all of this work. Solvvy crawls the contents of Zenefit’s existing support content to stay up-to-date, and serves up specific snippets of articles to answer questions rather than making users hunt through longer articles to find the answer they seek. Solvvy also pulls from Zenefits’ training content – stored in a completely different system –  including pages, guides, and hours of video to offer an even-more complete chatbot knowledge base capable of answering questions for all users of the Zenefits platform. 

Provide Personalized Journeys

Solvvy is able to personalize responses for Zenefits users based on who is asking the question. This support journey is based on factors like a user’s company role (officer, HR administrator, employee) and the type of services the customer has with Zenefits among other factors. This allows for persona-based and skills-based routing, the ability for support items to be addressed by urgency and escalated when most appropriate.

For example, when an Administrator persona submits a question to Zenefits that requires live support about running Payroll, that inquiry is flagged as high priority and is routed to an agent or even a particular phone queue for more time-sensitive, personal support. On the other hand, an employee submitting a ticket related to locating an old pay-stub is automatically categorized as less urgent in nature, and that person is able to fill out a support ticket in Salesforce Service Cloud with Solvvy’s seamless integration or pursue other options.

Strong Results & Useful Insights

Zenefits’ goal was to leverage Solvvy to better provide high-quality, 24-7 automated self-service options that intelligently met the demands of their growing customer base. Soon after launch, customers began resolving issues through Solvvy, driving up the “self-service rate” and reducing ticket volumes by 15%. The strong results have continued – in the second half of 2020 alone, Solvvy generated 26,513 instant resolutions to Zenefits user inquiries with a self-service rate of 45.3%. 

The team at Zenefits also uses Solvvy Insights – the analytics and reporting component of the platform – to quickly identify common tickets and information gaps which can then be addressed through improved Knowledge Base content. When a particular topic trends above a certain level (indicating an issue of some kind), Zenefits also uses Solvvy Announcements to very quickly customize the top message everyone sees in Solvvy’s chat window. In just a few minutes, Solvvy can provide proactive assistance via the Announcement, saving time for customers and reducing calls and tickets for Agents.

Moving forward, the Zenefits team plans to go even deeper with Solvvy – adding more customized workflows and even smarter customer personalizations and handoffs. “I’m a firm believer that deploying AI in support of customers makes things much easier,” noted Travis Partridge. “Step 1 was to get Solvvy in place and Step 2 is to learn how our customers are interacting with it. Next, we can use the data and insights from Solvvy to hone our knowledge base content and improve workflows to make things even easier for customers.”

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