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Zwift achieved a 40% self-service rate with Solvvy

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Executive Summary

  • Since starting to work with Solvvy, Zwift has constantly increased its self-service rate in support all the way up to 40%.
  • Solvvy has been a constant in Zwift’s customer experience stack while they have switched their helpdesk systems.
  • Zwift has expanded its Solvvy usage by adding intelligent self-service in their mobile app as well as foreign language support in German, Japanese, and French.

Background Summary

Five years in, the virtual running and cycling game is already changing the way people run and ride. Since its founding in 2014, Zwift has established itself as a pioneer in the indoor fitness space, differentiating itself by ‘gamifying’ the fitness experience. The Zwift running and cycling app connects cyclists, runners and triathletes together in a virtual environment, creating a truly connected online community. All avatars in Zwift are being powered by real people from all corners of the globe.

Zwift CEO and Co-Founder, Eric Min recounts how he came up with the idea for Zwift: “Because of family commitments and work, I was doing the bulk of my riding indoors. It had dawned on me that the indoor cyclist was being underserved and that the indoor experience hadn’t really changed all these years. It still wasn’t fun or social! Then I had a moment of eureka. What if we could take something that was historically mind-numbing and turn it into entertainment? What if we could take advantage of video game technology, social networks, and friendly competition, and package that experience for the indoor cyclist?”

The idea proved to be the solid foundations of a successful business. Zwift has enjoyed strong growth year-on-year, and has established a strong reputation in the indoor fitness space amongst amateur and professional athletes alike. Zwift is developing an entirely new form of fitness, and it was therefore understandable that their users had questions. Zwift began a search for a technology that would help free up their agents to work on more specialized cases, and most importantly, to help their community of members efficiently gain access to the support they needed.

It’s tough to say one specific example of content that has helped the self-service rate stay high. Solvvy touches all of our support articles and helps us iterate and improve them in real-time. It has helped our entire support operations.”

Brent Malone, Senior Content Manager


Zwift was experiencing a high volume of support requests due to their rapid growth and complexity of their products. The team was hoping to provide answers to their customers’ questions with a high volume of support articles, allowing customers to self-serve and find answers effortlessly. With their support requests building faster than their agents could comfortably handle and the desire for the shortest time to first response; Zwift was in desperate need of a solution that could quickly and accurately deliver answers to their customers and aid them in their content creation.

The Solvvy Solution

The Zwift team found Solvvy, a service able to provide rapid answers to their customers’ questions and actionable data about their knowledge base. Solvvy lives on the support page and before customers can submit a ticket to the support team, they must go through the Solvvy module. Zwift’s initial contact time has reduced by 40% (on average) since adopting Solvvy as Solvvy is able to answer customer questions lowering overall ticket volume, freeing up agents to respond to tickets more efficiently. 

Solvvy Resolve surfaces snippets from the Zwift knowledge base to answer customer questions. To ensure accuracy, the Solvvy team has set up a category selection to help provide more relevant answers to customer questions. This also helps the Zwift team with routing.  If their users are not able to self-serve, the categorization helps route the user to the right support team that can assist them based on the context.

Through Solvvy Insights, the Zwift content team is able to track each inquiry in detail in real-time. They can see if users are asking about specific features within the game and they can see specific questions that their users are not able to find within their help center.

Solvvy gives us real-time reporting on our actual self-service rate and a ton of data on which solutions have the highest self-service rate. It definitely helps drive which content we enhance or new content that we develop to try and solve those gaps.”

Brent Malone, Senior Content Manager

Results and What’s Next

Since partnering with Solvvy, the team has had self-service rates in support consistently between 35 and 40%, and in certain  weeks, those self-service rates can be as high as 45 – 50%. Recently, Zwift has added Solvvy’s intelligent self-service capability to their mobile running and cycling app as well as intelligent self-service capability in German, Japanese, and French to provide the same effortless customer experience to their growing international customer base.

Looking ahead to 2020, the Zwift team is excited to keep their partnership with Solvvy strong, so that their user base can find accurate answers to their questions swiftly and effortlessly.

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