Delivering Happiness with AI-Powered Customer Support

Originally Aired: Tuesday, August 16
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With 82% of customers willing to leave a brand after 2 bad experiences, how can you deliver happier experiences? This is where conversational AI-powered chatbots can do the heavy lifting for your support team by providing 24/7 omnichannel support and reducing support costs. And hear from Mahesh Ram, co-founder of Solvvy, on what’s coming next for customer service automation.

In just 30 minutes you will learn:

  • Why real AI matters to improve the customer experience
  • How humans and AI work together to increase efficiency
  • How top brands leverage Solvvy’s chatbot to enhance CX while quickly seeing ROI

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Featured Speaker: Mahesh Ram,
Head of Digital Customer Experience at Zoom

Mahesh RamMahesh Ram is the head of digital customer experience at Zoom and co-founder of Solvvy—a conversational AI platform that’s reinventing the customer experience. Mahesh is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in enterprise SaaS. Prior to Solvvy, he was the CEO of GlobalEnglish Corporation, and he previously held senior management roles, including CTO of ThomsonReuters.