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No Engineers? No Problem! The Smart, Easy Way to Automate Customer Support
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 10am PT/1pm EDT
Customer expectations are constantly on the rise, and meeting those expectations is becoming more difficult. Providing your customers with instant, automated answers from your Help Center is the first step, but how do you handle a flood of complex support requests without hiring more agents or outsourcing to get the job done?
Recorded Webinars
Managing Through Change: Lessons from CX Leaders: Part 2
Hear stories and advice from the front-lines in the second part of our webinar series, brought to you by Support Driven and Solvvy. Our panel features Mahesh Ram, CEO of Solvvy, in conversation with Joe Wang, Senior Director of CX at Upwork, and Natalie Ruhl, Director of Community Ops/CS at SoundCloud.
Scentbird’s Journey to Self-Service and Automation with Solvvy
Steven Rivera - Scentbird
Listen to Mahesh Ram, CEO at Solvvy and Steven Rivera, VP of Customer Experience at Scentbird discuss how to scale your support operations cost-effectively, how to create the ideal customer journey for achieving high self-service rates, and how to strike the right balance between CSAT and business efficiency in customer experience during their virtual Zendesk Relate session! Fill out the form to watch now or at your leisure!
Managing Through Change: Lessons from CX Leaders
Hear stories and advice from the front-lines in this webinar, brought to you by Support Driven and Solvvy. Our panel features Mahesh Ram, CEO of Solvvy, in conversation with Jordan Pedraza, Director of Support at Handshake, and Laura Teichmiller, Senior Customer Manager at SimplePractice.
The Building Blocks of the Ultimate CX Tech Stack
Enabling your rockstar support team with top-of-the line technology can go a long way when it comes to blowing CSAT and other KPIs out of the water. Tune into our live webinar on February 12th with CX thought leader Joelle Waksman, Director of Customer Experience at Calendly and Alex Richards, Director of Partnerships & Sales Engineering at Stella Connect, to find out how to build the ultimate CX tech stack in 2020.      
Looking Ahead at AI CX Trends in 2020
Did you know that by 2021, 80% of emerging technologies will have AI foundations? On December 11th, we're hosting a webinar titled "Looking Ahead at AI CX Trends in 2020" with two expert practitioners to discuss key trends and technologies that will be affecting CX in 2020.
How to Spruce Up Your Customer Support
Join us on November 12th for a discussion with CX leaders at eCommerce brands, Brooklinen and Adore Me. In this round-table format you will learn strategies to improve your agent and customer experiences, which will ultimately help your team crush this holiday season.
Live Webinar: How to Kill Email
Join our customers, TeamSnap and Turo, as they discuss how and why they moved away from e-mail when providing customer support. In this roundtable-format webinar you will gain an understanding of how leading companies provide world class customer support without e-mail.
Moments That Matter Making Your Customer Experience Count
Joseph Michelli, best-selling author of The Starbucks Experience
In this webinar, Joseph Michelli, best-selling author of The Starbucks Experience, The New Gold Standard, and Driven to Delight, will discuss the importance of impactful moments in the customer experience, and how those memorable moments can fuel a brand.
No More Alphabet Soup In Customer Experience - Forget NPS and CSAT when it comes to measuring CX!
Matt Watkinson, award-winning CX author
In this webinar, award-winning CX author Matt Watkinson will explain how CX professionals can overcome three folklore fallacies that are holding back CX initiatives and the brands that fund them. Tune in as Matt shares insights from his forthcoming report — The Leader's Guide to Customer Experience - which provides a definitive roadmap for creating CX improvements that customers notice and a meaningful return on investment.
AI & the Customer Conversation: How to leverage technology to drive a frictionless customer experience
Don Peppers, best-selling author and global CX authority
Join CX author Don Peppers and Solvvy's very own VP of Customer Experience, Yulia Savitskaya as they discuss the key pillars behind creating a compelling connection with your customers through conversational technology. They will also share practical tips on how you can build the case for it at your organization.
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