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2019 Customer Experience Predictions How to Prepare for Next Year
Tuesday, December 11th 9am PST/12pm EST
Join Kerry Bodine, customer experience expert and co-author of Outside In, for an engaging discussion as she shares her analysis of how the field of CX evolved over 2018 and makes predictions for 2019.
Recorded Webinars
Supporting the On-Demand Generation
Featuring Sarah Rosenzweig, Director of Customer Experience at Stash
In this 45-min webinar, Sarah Rosenzweig, Head of CX at Stash Invest, shares how her team addressed the increase in support volume when their customer base grew from 1.8M users to 2.8M users in less than 6 months without increasing costs.
How to Prepare your CX Team for the Holidays
Featuring thought-leader Antonio King, Head of CX at hyper-growth company, Shinesty
In this 45-minute webinar, thought-leader Antonio King (Head of CX at hyper-growth company, Shinesty) outlines the four tricks he employs to help him decrease their ticket volume by over 40% during the 2017 holiday season while his company's sales grew by 50%.
The Truth About Bots & Intelligent Automation
Featuring Peter Johnson, VP of Product, Kustomer
In this webinar replay we explore how bots are being used today in CX, the limitations of bots, and the alternative methods available to CX professionals which leverage intelligent automation to improve the customer experience and empower agents.
Applying Human Conversations to Digital Interactions
Featuring Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner, Temkin Group
This replay provides an inside look of the key elements behind human-to-human interactions and how it can be applied to how companies should interact with their customers in the digital era.
The Ease Imperative
Featuring Matt Dixon, Author of "Effortless Experience"
In this 30-minute webinar replay discover why customer effort matters, how it's measured and what low-effort customer experience looks like.
How to Build Emotional Intelligence into your CX Strategy
Featuring Breanne O. Reeves,  Co-Author of The Nordstrom Way
On this 30-minute "FastCast" replay hear from BreAnne O. Reeves, Co-Author of The Nordstrom Way, on how to build emotional intelligence and enhance your overall CX by empowering customer service teams with key EI (emotional intel) tools needed to leverage CX automation and the value it can bring to the business and to customers.
How To Use Journey Maps to Plan and Evangelize CX Initiatives
Featuring Kerry Bodine, author and customer experience expert
In this webinar replay Kerry Bodine, author and customer experience expert, explores the power of customer journeys to develop your self-service strategy. Following Kerry's presentation, Solvvy CEO Mahesh Ram discussed how emerging advances in self-service technology compliments the journey mapping model and is paving the way to next generation customer experience.
Scaling a World Class Knowledge Base
Featuring  Rick Nucci, Co-Founder and CEO of Guru
According to Salesforce, efficient issue explanation and resolution is the top challenge for service leaders. With the rise of self-service preferences, a company's knowledge base is the life blood by which CX departments are reaching their consumer base and addressing their issues.
Win More Business Through a Game-Changing Customer Experience
Featuring Jim Tincher, CEO of Heart of the Customer and Nicole Geosits, Manager of Customer Happiness at Acuity Scheduling
In this webinar, Jim Tincher, CEO of Heart of the Customer, Nicole Geosits, Manager of Customer Happiness at Acuity Scheduling, and Kaan Ersun, SVP of Marketing at Solvvy, explored the customer experience shift that places a premium on the CX roles prior to the sale.
The Future of Customer Service with Artificial Intelligence
Featuring Adelyn Zhou, CMO of TOPBOTS
In this webinar, Adelyn Zhou, CMO of TOPBOTS, and Mahesh Ram, CEO of Solvvy discussed how AI is impacting the customer care value chain. They explored how to build and design a seamless customer experience with AI and machine learning.
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