Meaningful AI support

Why Fintech companies are choosing Solvvy's chatbot platform to automate their customer support

24/7 Support

Working around the clock, Solvvy provides customers with immediate resolutions, anytime and anywhere, allowing them to make financial decisions with confidence on any channel.

Keep Up with Demand

Artificial Intelligence for financial services delivers customer experiences that scale as you grow. No matter the question – credit cards, accounts, investments, and more – you can count on Solvvy to provide an answer.

Build Trust With Your Clients

Solvvy guarantees user security by redacting all sensitive customer data using best-in-class tools, so users can rest assured that their personal information stays personal.

The Solvvy Platform
Deliver immediate answers with intelligent self-service
Create answers for more complex user questions
Direct customers to the right place at the right time
Dig into analytics that go beyond customer support reporting
Take Solvvy for a spin
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