Holistic view of your entire business

Level up your support operations and make decisions with confidence with strategic insights

Identify New Areas of Opportunity

Move beyond existing KPI reporting with an overview of your entire customer experience. Equip your team with analytics to identify strategic opportunities to improve support operations.

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Amplify Customer Experiences

Quantify trends and take action to support customers wherever they need help. See how content is performing and create content that improves the self-service experience.

Improve Support Over Time

Ensure customers are always given the most accurate answer as Solvvy learns the best responses to customer questions over time.

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Bird's-eye view of your support operations

Solvvy Dashboard

Get a detailed overview of your support operations, including top articles, self-service rates, and ROI metrics.

Ticket Categorization

Gain insight into product and knowledge base gaps with a categorization of what users are most often asking.

Knowledge Base Analytics

Solvvy provides a report of gaps in your knowledge base by surfacing most commonly used articles and associated self-service rates.

Knowledge Base Remediation

Receive guidance and best practices from Solvvy analysts to optimize your knowledge base and provide accurate answers.

Query and User Breakdowns

See which channels customers are using, where on your site they struggle, and which pages they launch from.

Expert Services

Partner with our world-class Customer Success team to review your user experience and provide data-driven suggestions for improvement.

Guided Experience

The Solvvy Platform
Deliver immediate answers with intelligent self-service
Increase sales with guided shopping experiences
Direct customers to the right place at the right time
Dig into analytics that go beyond customer support reporting
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Elevate your customer support with the power of AI. See what Solvvy AI support software can do for your business.
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