Solvvy for Live Chat Platforms

Leverage the Power of AI and Machine Learning in Chat Conversations

Add an effortless self-service customer experience to your live chat experience with our out-of-the-box integrations with leading chat providers. Experience an immediate ROI with 25% reduction in chat volume.

Easily Integrate with Leading Chat Providers

Connect Solvvy to your customer support live chat system with our out-of-the-box integration. We integrate seamlessly with leading chat providers such as Zendesk Chat, Salesforce LiveAgent, Intercom, Olark and others. Using your existing knowledge base and ticket history, we build and train a custom AnswerGraph unique to your company. Simply add a few lines of code to your help center. Solvvy immediately starts resolving issues by presenting the most relevant solutions from your help center.

Provide Instant Resolutions with Always-On Chat Support

Provide 24/7 support on chat even when your agents are offline. Solvvy immediately surfaces precise resolutions to your customer’s issues and reduces customer effort with an intuitive self-service Chatbot experience. Solvvy is always-on, so customers can receive immediate resolutions without waiting for an agent. We help your team consistently meet response time goals.

Automate Repetitive Customer Requests and Workflows

Solvvy connects to your backend systems and resolves repetitive customer support issues. Based on the customer’s description of their issue, our Intent Engine determines customer intent and automates complex issues by collecting information and walking customers through guided steps. These are customer support requests that previously required human intervention, but can now be resolved with Solvvy’s intelligent automation.

Track Key Metrics and Gain Strategic Business Insights

Easily measure and view analytics with our comprehensive dashboard. Solvvy’s interactive dashboard tracks the impact with powerful metrics such as average resolution time, self-service rate, chat volume reduction, and cost savings so you have a good handle on Solvvy’s impact on your business.

Complete Customer Service Automation Solution

Bring the power of natural language processing (NLP) and machine-learning to your chat platform. Solvvy offers unmatched self-service Chatbots and automation capabilities for many leading chat providers. Using Solvvy’s conversational service solution, reduce the volume of chat conversations and scale your support team without increasing operational cost.

15-25% Case Reduction on Day 1
Workflow Automation
One-click Integration with Leading Chat Providers
Customer Service Analytics and Voice of Customer Reports
Compatible with Mobile
Ability to Improve Training with Expert Feedback
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