Solvvy for Oracle

Add contextual self-service to your contact center, powered by AI & Machine Learning

Easily add a layer of self-service to your help center with our out-of-the-box Oracle integration. Solvvy resolves common inquiries instantly by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to provide accurate solutions. Our customers see an immediate ROI with a 25% reduction in case volume.

Easily Integrate with Oracle Service Cloud

Implement Solvvy into your help center effortlessly. We use your existing knowledge base and case history to build a custom AnswerGraph specific to your company. With just a few lines of code added to your help center, Solvvy is up and running and can begin resolving customer inquiries.

Provide Instant Resolutions to Customer Inquiries

Solvvy never sleeps, so your team can. Rest easy knowing that Solvvy provides round-the-clock support to your customers. With Solvvy, create a better customer experience by integrating a self-service experience that feels intuitive to your customers and looks native to your help center. Solvvy provides immediate resolutions, so your team can consistently meet response time goals.

Increase Support Efficiency with Intelligent Automation

By connecting to your backend systems, Solvvy is able to resolve repetitive customer support issues. Our Intent Engine understands everyday language and determines the intent of the customer to automate complex issues. We guide customers through automated steps to fully resolve questions. Issues can be resolved automatically – reducing support costs significantly.

Make Your Data Work for You

Get a pulse check on support with our comprehensive dashboard that puts key metric and KPI reporting at your fingertips. View metrics such as average resolution time, self-service rate, case volume reduction, and cost savings. Additionally, Solvvy’s ability to automatically categorize cases (in beta), unifies case volume across channels to provide strategic insights into your business.

Deploy Omnichannel Self-Service

Solvvy’s self-service help center experience serves as the first line of defense across your web, mobile, and chat experiences to deliver an always-on effortless experience to your customers anytime, anywhere. Our self-service solution integrates seamlessly with Oracle and major chat providers including Oracle RightNow chat.

Complete Customer Service Automation Solution for Oracle

Infuse your Oracle Service Cloud experience with the power of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. Solvvy offers unmatched self-service and automation capabilities for Oracle customers. With our conversational self-service help center platform, automate and scale your support operations while reducing operating costs. Provide customers with a reliable and effortless service experience, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Workflow Automation
One-click Integration with Oracle
Omnichannel Service
Compatible with Oracle RightNow Chat
Comprehensive Dashboard
Mobile SDK
Customer Service Analytics and Voice of Customer Reports
Ability to Improve Algorithm Training with Closed Loop Expert Feedback
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