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Solvvy connects effortlessly to Zendesk and delivers an industry-best 41%+ customer self-service rate in just 7 days – that’s 41% instant, accurate resolutions, fewer tickets, reduced handle times, and happier customers in only a week. Solvvy offers easy, personalized automations with API integrations, powerful reporting with automated Zendesk ticket categorization, and intelligent routing and handoffs to the right support channels and agents. Best of all, Solvvy auto-crawls your Zendesk knowledge base and 3rd party content and learns on its own so there’s no need to recreate and maintain content in multiple locations or to endlessly “train” Solvvy to see amazing results.  

Real Conversational Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding Make a Better Experience

Most chatbots require you to spend weeks or months of your time “training” – that is, adding hard-coded answers for every possible customer question. Solvvy starts with the experience gained through millions of successful monthly resolutions at top companies, then automatically crawls your Zendesk and 3rd party content, and trains on your historical ticket data to provide accurate, immediate solutions or the right automation to handle a customer question.

Our library of over 100 pre-built intents for the most common support issues ensures your team won’t have to struggle with building out every possible way a user might ask a question.

Customizable for Your Brand and Business Requirements

Your customers don’t want to struggle to get the answers they need and resolve their issues in a generic-looking chatbot interface. Solvvy’s configurable, customer-centric design ensures your customers find the answers they need easily and your brand looks great in the process. Solvvy’s user interface is designed to fit all your brand specifications, ensuring users know they’re interacting directly with you. With Solvvy’s Interface Setup at your disposal, you’ll have the power to easily edit greetings, text and button colors, and more—so it’ll never look like a separate tool on your website.

Actionable Analytics to Elevate Your Entire Customer Experience

Our analytics dashboard goes beyond basic reporting, so your team knows where and how to improve your customer experience. Review high-performing Zendesk knowledge base articles to determine which help center content is most effective, and determine where content needs to be updated to improve self-service rates. Identify gaps in your current support flows where new content can be created to make finding answers even easier for your customers. See top issues in Zendesk with category insight reports that allow you to view customer queries categorized by specific topics. See which topics are trending up or down, which can be more effectively resolved, and which may require Workflows or agent support.

Implement Omnichannel Self-Service

Provide self-service over web, chat and mobile to deliver an always-on effortless experience to your customers anytime and anywhere. Solvvy can be in the front lines across all your support channels and integrates seamlessly with Zendesk and all leading chat providers including Zendesk Chat.

Complete Customer Service Automation Solution for Zendesk

Add the power of natural language processing (NLP) and machine-learning to your Zendesk. Solvvy offers unmatched customer service automation capabilities for Zendesk customers. Using Solvvy’s conversational service platform, automate and scale your customer support operations while reducing operating costs. Give your customers quick and effortless resolutions to their issues at the exact moment they want it, on their preferred channel.

Personalized Workflows
Easy Integration with Zendesk
Omnichannel Support via Sunshine Conversations
Advanced Insights
Compatible with Zendesk Widget
Customer Service Analytics and Voice of Customer Reports
Mobile SDK
Ability to Improve Algorithm Training with Closed Loop Expert Feedback
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