A Complete Conversational AI Automation Platform

Solvvy puts the power in your hands to quickly and seamlessly resolve customer issues

Solvvy for Support

When your agents are crunched for time and your customers are waiting, Solvvy for Support delivers immediate resolutions to customer issues and deflects support requests using AI and natural language processing. By handling even complex issues such as subscription and account management, Solvvy for Support gives back time for you to focus on high-impact tickets.

When your customers are unable to find the answers they need, they’re intelligently routed to the optimal channel or agent based on persona or issue type, reducing handle time while improving the customer experience.

Solvvy for Shoppers

Take a seat at the revenue table by building up-sell and cross-sell opportunities directly into the Solvvy interface. With highly personalized customer experiences, your users can be routed to the exact product for them, reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversion rates by 50-100%.

No matter the issue, your users are given the support they need. If they aren’t able to find a solution with Solvvy’s conversational AI platform, intelligently route shoppers to a sales rep to help them quickly resolve their issue or find what they’re looking for.